Save Time with a Forkview Camera System

Enhance the efficiency and operating conditions of your reach truck straight away with a Forkview camera system from Orlaco. The super compact camera is specially designed to be mounted directly onto the forks. When used with our monitor, the camera provides a continuous view of the forks.

Working at Heights
Reach trucks allow the operator to store and retrieve pallets in high racks. The height of these racks restricts their visibility, making it difficult to see whether the forks are positioned correctly. There is a significant risk that the operator will misjudge the position of the forks, which can lead to accidents and damage, together with all the consequences that these entail. Avoid the delays that this can cause and save time with a Forkview system from Orlaco.

Built-in Safety
With a Forkview system featuring a CFMC camera and 7" RLED display, you will have the best possible view of the position of your reach truck's forks, allowing you to work much more quickly and efficiently. The camera also improves the truck's operating conditions as it reduces the need for the operator to look up. The camera is also suitable for cold store applications.

High-End Technology
The CFMC camera is characterized by its high-end technology, featuring a high-resolution CMOS chip combined with a high sensitivity of 0.05 lux to ensure a sharp image at all times. The chip adjusts the image quality on the monitor extremely quickly if the surroundings change from dark to light and vice versa. The image quality is further enhanced by a special coating on the lens, which prevents light reflections in the image.

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