Backup Camera: A Razor-Sharp View Behind Your Vehicle

A RearView camera and monitor system gives you a perfect view of the picture unfolding behind your vehicle. With a better view you can reverse safely, easily and with confidence, and accidents can also be prevented.

Maneuver comfortably and easily

Camera and monitor systems give operators a clear view of the area behind the vehicle, making it possible for them to maneuver comfortably and easily in cities, on construction sites and at loading and unloading docks, etc.

The monitor in the cab automatically switches to the backup camera when reverse gear is engaged. This means that operators can take preventive action immediately in the event of a hazardous situation while reversing. Stoneridge-Orlaco supplies various camera and monitor systems that can be used on trucks, forklifts, earthmoving machines and mobile cranes.

Analog RearView System (PAL/NTSC)

The analog RearView system includes a compact FAMOS camera that brings the area behind the vehicle in to view. The image is then mirrored on the monitor. The benefit of an analog camera system is that it can be combined with technology such as the RadarEye active warning system. The analog PAL/NTSC RearView system consists of a heavy-duty FAMOS camera with a 118° lens and a RLED or LEDD monitor.

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Existing System

Stoneridge-Orlaco offers a special FAMOS MIRROR camera that is suitable for integration into existing systems. The camera displays a mirror image as standard.

The FAMOS MIRROR SW is a camera with integrated reversing guides. The camera also displays a mirror image as standard.

A custom adapter cable can be used to connect these cameras to an existing third-party display, radio or navigation system. Stoneridge-Orlaco has a wide range of adapter cables.


RadarEye is an active detection system that can be used for tasks such as bringing blind spots behind a vehicle into view.

Short Range Detection (SRD) sensors detect objects and people behind the vehicle, actively alerting operators with visual and acoustic signals. RadarEye uses a combination of radar signals and camera images, giving operators a complete picture of the area behind the vehicle.

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Digital RearView System (GMSL)

The digital RearView system consists of a high-resolution camera and monitor that bring the situation in the area around the vehicle into even sharper focus. The HMOS camera and HLED monitor use GMSL technology. GMSL stands for Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link. With this technology, the video signal is transmitted digitally and compression free via a coaxial cable. The high-definition image is displayed on the monitor in real time without any time lag. The digital GMSL RearView system consists of a heavy-duty HMOS camera with 120° lens and an HLED 7" monitor.

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Digital 270° RearView system

The digital RearView system is also available with a HMOS 180° camera. This provides a field of vision of 270°. The wide-angle lens brings both the side and the rear into the picture using a single camera, ensuring that operators always have a clear view of people, vehicles and other obstacles in the vicinity of the vehicle.

This system is ideal for forklifts and earthmoving machines. If a backup camera is fitted to an excavator, operators can not only reverse more safely but also have a better view of the working area when maneuvering. This means that operators can take preventive action immediately in the event of a hazardous situation.


If you would like to know more about Stoneridge-Orlaco's vision solutions, contact our specialists or search for a dealer in your area who can help.