About Stoneridge-Orlaco

Stoneridge-Orlaco is the market leader in the field of camera and monitoring systems for commercial and industrial vehicles. This means we supply leading vehicle manufacturers around the world. Our systems increase safety, improve ergonomics, create greater comfort and provide for more efficiency.

'Vision is our Mission®'. That is why at Stoneridge-Orlaco, the development, manufacture and supply of camera and detection systems is high on the agenda. The way we see it, optimum visibility around all machinery, vehicles and vessels is a must. More than 30 years we have been designing, developing and producing professional and certified vision solutions for every situation. Our cameras and detection systems are used on construction machinery, trucks, buses, cranes, forklift trucks, maritime applications, offshore/onshore applications, emergency vehicles, railway applications, municipal vehicles and airport vehicles.

We are part of Stoneridge, Inc.

Since 2017, Orlaco has been part of Stoneridge Inc. (NYSE: SRI), a designer and manufacturer of high-quality electrical and electronic components, modules and systems for the automotive, medium and heavy truck and off-road vehicle sectors. Stoneridge is a company listed on the American stock exchange with 4,100 employees spread across 27 locations in 12 countries.

As a part of this group, Orlaco, the market leader in camera systems, can further optimize its product development, production and global coverage. The combined expertise of both companies ensures a broader customer base and optimized products. This way, our combined product portfolios and technologies allow us to provide very valuable propositions for vehicle manufacturers.

Vision solutions as an essential safety component

Today we are seeing the role of vision solutions shift from accessories to essential safety components for vehicles and machines. In order to increase productivity and safety, video images are increasingly being shared via smart devices between various units and cabs and between machines in the field and staff at the office. Vision solutions are being deployed in every industry, from construction to logistics and from warehousing to agriculture.

Certified production processes

To guarantee their reliability and quality, our products are extensively tested, and our production processes are checked. In addition to ISO 9001, Stoneridge-Orlaco has implemented IATF 16949: 2016: the quality certificate for the automotive industry. This international standard ensures quality, reduces production variation and prevents waste.

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Cameras for Extreme Environments

Our systems are very robust and shock- and vibration-resistant, which means they will work in even the harshest of conditions. For instance, they can withstand forces up to 50 G, they continue to function at the most extreme temperatures (-40°C to 85°C / -40°F to 185°F) and they are dustproof and waterproof (IP68 and IP69K). Our cameras and monitors can therefore be seen on Dakar vehicles, in cold storage warehouses and on drilling platforms.

Made in Holland

From design to development and from production to service: Stoneridge-Orlaco keeps everything in-house, and that makes us unique. We produce over 220,000 cameras from our Dutch head office every year, and we supply some 70% of these to the largest OEMs in the world. In addition, Stoneridge-Orlaco sells vision systems in the aftermarket through a worldwide dealer channel.

In our optimized production halls we assemble cameras, monitors, cables and connectors, as well as sensors and all other accessories. Orlaco also has a Special Products division for the development of customer-specific systems.

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Global service provision

Stoneridge-Orlaco has sales offices in the Netherlands, the United States, Germany and Japan. In addition, we have a growing global network of partners which now covers 35 countries. Through our Preferred Partner Network, we can offer our products and services anywhere in the world. Thanks to direct support from Stoneridge-Orlaco and local expertise, our partners ensure that end users get the best advice.

Our vision solutions

We develop various standard vision solutions:

With MirrorEye, traditional exterior mirrors are replaced by a camera system. MirrorEye has been specially developed for trucks, buses and coaches.

With the HD 270° camera/monitoring system CornerEye, blind spots at the front and sides of trucks are made visible in real-time.

RadarEye has been developed for heavy vehicles in, for example, construction, port areas and distribution. This active detection system provides early warnings when objects and persons are in the vicinity of the vehicle.

Stoneridge-Orlaco in society

At Stoneridge-Orlaco, we consider it important to deal with the environment in a sustainable way and to contribute to society. That is why we are working in a safe and responsible manner and with respect for the environment and for the health of our employees, customers and the communities in which we are active. We consume resources with care, and we organize our processes efficiently and effectively. We also support a variety of organizations.

Environment and Sustainability
As an organization we aim to use energy sustainably and to contribute to an environmentally friendly society. Therefore, our processes are in line with the environmental standard ISO 14001. As a result, we produce less waste and have reduced our energy needs.

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In 2017 we installed 410 solar panels on our premises. In total, these panels take care of 20% of our total energy consumption. The solar panels are equipped with so-called Power Optimizers, allowing the maximum return to be obtained from each panel separately. Thanks to an east-west orientation, the solar panels produce a constant flow of approximately 100,000 kWh throughout the year. By now, thanks to our panels, we have saved over 97,750 kilos of CO2 emissions.

Waste Reduction
As an organization we work hard to prevent waste and pollution. For instance, we have reduced the use of packing materials, and in 2018 we decided to start delivering our products paper-free. Product information and instruction booklets are now only available in digital form. Only the legally required safety instruction is still supplied with the product. We are also trying to encourage our suppliers to minimize the use of packaging materials.

Working at Stoneridge-Orlaco

Would you like to work for an international company? Are you motivated and eager to learn? Do you possess the right no-nonsense mentality? Then Stoneridge-Orlaco is looking for you!

With a team of more than 300 employees, Stoneridge-Orlaco works on vision solutions for vehicles and vessels. The way we see it, optimum visibility around all machinery, vehicles and vessels is a must. We develop vision solutions for every situation, with the aim of increasing safety, efficiency, and comfort.

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