RadarEye®: Active Radar Detection Improves Situational Awareness of Drivers

Use the RadarEye active detection system and prevent collisions and damage. This shock and vibration resistant radar system detects people and objects in areas that are not visible to drivers. Accidents are prevented as a result, and drivers can work more safely and efficiently.

RadarEye® Gives Drivers an Active Warning

RadarEye is an active detection system that is suitable for use in earthmoving machines, heavy equipment, commercial vehicles and industrial trucks, among other applications. Short-Range Detection (SRD) sensors detect objects and people in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle, actively alerting drivers via both visual and acoustic signals. The alarm tone frequency and the visual indicators tell drivers how close the object is to the vehicle. Used in conjunction with a camera system, RadarEye allows drivers to assess the situation at a glance using the monitor.

Complete View around Vehicle with Camera and Radar

RadarEye uses a combination of radar signals and camera images, giving drivers a complete picture of the surrounding area. In addition to the acoustic signals and the camera images, there is also an overlay on the monitor that indicates the distance between the object and the vehicle. This setup ensures that drivers have a complete overview of the surrounding area, giving them the peace of mind of being able to work more safely.

RadarEye is available with an analog FAMOS camera and RLED monitor or a digital EMOS camera and ELED monitor.

Accurate Detection of People and Objects

RadarEye uses Doppler radar technology. This involves sending out a radar beam and then measuring the frequency change of the signal received. Depending on the direction of movement of the object, the received frequency will be higher or lower than the signal transmitted. Thanks to this Doppler effect, people and objects can be detected with a high level of accuracy. The detection process is not affected by mud splatter, rain, snow, sudden temperature changes or falling leaves, and because this means there are no erroneous warnings, drivers can complete their work more easily and efficiently.

RadarEye with Camera

RadarEye consists of SRD sensors set, an interface box with external speaker, cabling, a terminator, a camera and an SRD monitor.

SRD Sensors
The SRD sensors are waterproof and shock and vibration resistant. The sensors have a detection range of 2 to 20 meters and operate based on the Doppler effect.

Interface Box with External Speaker
The powerful 85-dB speaker makes it possible to hear the acoustic detection signal even when working in particularly noisy machinery and in loud working environments. The interface box also makes it possible to combine RadarEye with a FAMOS camera.

RadarEye Cable
The RadarEye cables have been specially developed by Stoneridge-Orlaco and are ADR-approved, have molded waterproof M12 connectors and are resistant to oil and gasoline. There are two types of cable: red and green. The red cables are suitable for connecting a primary SRD sensor to a secondary SRD sensor. The green cables are suitable for connecting an interface box to a primary SRD sensor or as a connection cable between a secondary SRD sensor and another connected SRD sensor.

FAMOS Camera
The analog version of RadarEye features a FAMOS camera (PAL/NTSC). This small, extremely sturdy camera is housed in a special, adjustable holder that ensures the camera can easily be mounted in any position. The industrial enclosure, special lens and ultra-light-sensitive advanced CMOS sensor help the camera to deliver excellent image quality in all conditions. The camera is also available in an IR LED variant.

EMOS Camera​​​​
The digital version of RadarEye features an EMOS camera (Ethernet). The high-definition images give drivers a razor-sharp view of the area around the vehicle, The camera has SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) and HDR (High Dynamic Range), which gives drivers an excellent view of the area around the vehicle even in high-contrast situations.

SRD Monitor
The 7" RLED CAN SRD monitor is a standalone monitor and is ideal for use with the analog RadarEye system.

ELED SRD Monitor
The 7 inch ELED Monitor CAN SRD is a digital High Definition monitor suitable for the EMOS Ethernet camera. The high-end monitor has a reinforced cover glass with integrated capacitive keyboard, making it easy to clean. The monitor is shock and vibration resistant, dustproof and protected against water jets (IP65).

Extend Existing Camera Systems
with RadarEye

Most operational earthmoving machines are already equipped with analog reversing cameras and monitor. These systems are suitable for extension with RadarEye. The SRD interface box integrates radar alerts directly into the image on the existing monitor via visual overlays and acoustic signals. This process can be carried out using either an existing Stoneridge-Orlaco camera system or a third-party monitor. Adding detection overlays to the video images makes it possible for drivers to work more safely, reliably and efficiently.

Customer Story: Cameras and Radar are Worth Their Weight in Gold in Russian Mega-Mine

Gold mines are among the most challenging working environments in the world. They are places where huge mining vehicles brave harsh conditions every day. This is why PJSC Polyus equips all of its vehicles in the vast Russian Olimpiada mine with cameras, radar and monitors.

"We tried just about everything to resolve the problems with getting a good enough view, but nothing worked — until we tried a pilot with RadarEye. The drivers then insisted on having all their vehicles equipped with cameras and radars."

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