Digital SideEye: Blind Spot Information System increases road safety

Stoneridge-Orlaco’s high resolution Digital SideEye system increases road safety and driver comfort by actively monitoring a vehicle’s blind spot. The system alerts the operator when cyclists, pedestrians or other road users are present in the blind spot of a truck. Digital SideEye only detects moving vulnerable road users and ignores stationary objects, allowing drivers to drive more safely in crowded, low-speed urban environments.

Blind Spot Information System (BSIS)

Digital SideEye™ is a system that functions as a Blind Spot Information System (BSIS). The system includes an advanced digital EMOS camera and ELED monitor, guaranteeing exceptional image quality and giving drivers a pin-sharp view of the blind spot in all weather conditions. It utilizes a combination of radar signals, high-resolution camera images, and a red warning symbol displayed on a monitor to actively alert drivers when there are cyclists, pedestrians, or other road users present in the blind spot of their vehicle. Digital SideEye™ therefore not only provides visual and audible warnings to the driver but also enables them to directly observe the potentially dangerous situation through an in-cab HD display. By significantly reducing blind spots and enhancing situational awareness, Digital SideEye™ plays a crucial role in improving safety for all road users.

Regulatory requirements

Digital SideEye is designed specifically for on-road trucks and buses, and is compatible to both left-hand and right-hand drive vehicles. It prioritizes safety and meets regulatory requirements, as evidenced by the certification from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt – KBA). To meet the Direct Vision Standard required in London, the United Kingdom, the system can be expanded with an external speaker. Overall, Digital SideEye is a reliable solution for increasing operational efficiency while ensuring compliance with local regulations.

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Lane Change Assistant

When the vehicle speed is above 19 mph (30 km/h), Digital SideEye alerts the driver when overtaking vehicles are detected in the adjacent lane. Stationary objects such as guard rails or concrete barriers are ignored to minimize false alerts. As a Lance Change Assistant, Digital SideEye is optimized to minimize blind spot collisions during lane changes and merging.

The driver always has a view of the lane beside the truck via the camera monitor system. If a vehicle is in the detection zone, a red warning signal is displayed to alert the driver. When the driver uses his passenger side turn-signal, the alarm sound is additionally activated to increase the danger level awareness of the driver as soon as a vehicle is in the detection zone. Thanks to the system, the driver knows if vehicles are driving next to his truck and whether he can change lanes with confidence. SideEye therefore reduces lane change accidents.

Camera and Radar Detection System

Digital SideEye consists of a digital EMOS camera, Short Range radar unit, 7" digital ELED monitor and the relevant cabling.

EMOS camera
The Digital SideEye system includes an high resolution digital EMOS camera with a 120° lens that captures a broad image. The shock- and vibration-resistant camera is waterproof (IP67 & IP69K) and offers the best possible images in all weather conditions. The camera sits in a bracket specially designed by Stoneridge-Orlaco for ease of installation on the truck.

Short Range Detection Sensor
Digital SideEye uses a single Short Range Detection Sensor. The unit is shock and vibration resistant. It is waterproof and has a detection range of 3 meters by 12 meters.

Cable set
The Digital SideEye cables – specially developed by Stoneridge-Orlaco – are ADR-approved, fitted with molded waterproof connectors and are resistant to oil and gasoline. The set consists of a 4-pin Ethernet cable and a radar cable with an adapter cable.

7" ELED Monitor
The high resolution 7" digital ELED built-on monitor is shock and vibration resistant and automatically adjusts the brightness of the image depending on the ambient light conditions. Adjustable bracket can be ordered separately.

Interface Box with External Speaker
The powerful speaker makes it possible to hear the acoustic detection signal in the cab of the vehicle.

Outdoor Speaker (optimal)
Thanks to the powerful speaker on the side of the vehicle, vulnerable road users are warned as soon as the vehicle makes a turn.

Analog version of SideEye

In addition to a digital version of SideEye, Stoneridge-Orlaco offers an analog version of the turn assist system. This version can be integrated seamlessly with on-board truck displays. Through the SRD interface box, radar alerts and visual overlays are directly incorporated on the existing display.

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