CCTV Systems for maritime applications

Orlaco CCTV systems for maritime applications give you an optimum view of everything on board and beyond. Working on the water can be enormously challenging for ships and their crews. This demanding environment calls for high-quality products that guarantee the required efficiency and safety, for example being able to see the sailing route and monitor work processes and machine rooms. We develop high-quality, professional vision solutions for every situation, with the aim of increasing safety, efficiency and comfort.

Vision is our Mission®

In Orlaco's view, there should always be optimum vision around all boats and ships. Orlaco works closely with system integrators across the world to integrate camera monitor systems, and also develops and manufactures standard and custom CCTV systems.

Our CCTV systems are developed and produced in line with the highest quality standards. We comply with international standards and norms such as Green Award, IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, RRR, RMRS, IEC IECEx and ATEX certification for explosion-proof (Ex) products.

Maritime Specials

Vision solutions for ships need to be customized so that all the users' wishes can be incorporated and the various systems can be integrated. Orlaco custom solutions can help with this. With our expertise in Maritime Specials, we create systems that are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Our specialists take care of the entire process, from the drawing board to commissioning. Do you want to combine your vision solution with the fire detection system and bridge equipment? Or do the captain and the crane operator both need to have a view of the load?

We will design a full custom system for you. Our systems can be combined with recording systems, PIR sensors, fire alarms, bridge equipment, remote maintenance and monitoring, anti-piracy, VSAT and much more. We will often be able to integrate these systems into your existing infrastructure and technology, whether analog or digital. When building your system, we will ensure that as many of the components as possible are Orlaco components so that we can guarantee the highest quality and efficiency. Please contact our specialists to discuss custom solutions.

Our vision solutions

Discover our standard professional vision solutions below. For more information about standard and custom vision solutions, contact our specialists.

Deck View

A deck-view solution provides a complete overview of everything taking place on the various decks. Get optimum vision of important aspects such as the crew, passengers, machinery, cargo and loading/unloading ramps. The camera will give you a clearer view of all operations on board.

Bridge View

A bridge-view solution provides views from all the different sides of the ship. This is important, for example, when sailing through locks and narrow waterways. See far ahead with our Zoom cameras or fully scan the surroundings with our Pan & Tilt cameras. The detailed images allow you to dock more quickly and efficiently while having a view of the crew to monitor their safety.

Observation View

For a complete overview of a boat or ship, you should opt for observation view. The zoom function will give you an excellent view of the passengers and all other areas you want to observe. What's more, observation view with night vision functionality will allow you to see everything in the dark without any lighting, so you can safely sail on open water at night.

Winch View

A winch-view system provides optimum vision of the winch, anchor and tow lines. This is important for monitoring and preventing damage to the lines as they are unrolled and rolled back up.

Machine Room View

Get a direct view of the various machine rooms to keep an eye on the status of the machinery. This calls for a robust camera that will still perform optimally in high-temperature environments. With cameras, you will always have more eyes available than you would with your crew alone.

Load View

A load-view camera, directed downward toward the hook from the tip of the boom, brings the work area into focus. The monitor in the cab ensures that the crane operator has a continuous view while lifting, whatever the position of the crane and load. The camera gives the operator a complete overview of the hold and the dock.

Process Overview

Carry out work more safely and efficiently with process view, which provides optimum monitoring of various operations on board, including an essential view of pulleys, hoppers, pumps and drag heads. Process view provides you with the visibility you require to react promptly whenever necessary.

Custom Vision Solutions

In addition to the standard vision solutions described above, Orlaco camera monitor systems can be combined or modified in a variety of ways. For more information about our custom solutions, contact our specialists.