CornerEye®: Truck Blind Spots Made Visible Thanks to a 270° Camera

Get a visual on blind spots at the front and side of your truck and prevent accidents with CornerEye. This unique camera monitor system gives you a continuous view of cyclists, pedestrians, obstacles, and other road users in the area around your truck, allowing you to maneuver efficiently and effortlessly through the busiest of traffic situations.

With CornerEye amply covered the prescribed view classes V and VI

CornerEye displays the area to the front and side of a truck. A single camera amply covers mirror classes V and VI, which must be visible to the driver at all times according to regulation R46 on the installation of mirrors.

The camera's high sensitivity to light guarantees an optimum image in the dark, and the special coating on the lens ensures a high-quality image even in poor weather conditions. With these features, CornerEye allows you to constantly keep an eye on cyclists and pedestrians at roundabouts, for example, and allows you to easily see around corners at intersections.

Replace Your Front Mirror and Close-Proximity Mirror with CornerEye

Functioning as a camera monitor system, CornerEye is approved for use as a replacement for your front mirror and close-proximity Mirror. The system also complies with United Nations regulation R46 on the installation of mirrors for trucks. The camera-based mirror replacement increases traffic safety and helps to reduce accidents, damage and downtime. By opting for CornerEye, you are also opting for a reduced risk of damage, fewer sickness absences, lower insurance premiums, fewer delays and less wasted time. In addition, CornerEye's compact and aerodynamic design also generates less air resistance than most larger mirrors, thereby saving you fuel. The combined result of all of these features is a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

Fewer Mirrors, Increased Visibility and Safety

Thanks to its wider field of vision, the CornerEye offers superior visibility and image quality compared to conventional exterior mirrors. A special, self-cleaning coating provides a better image than conventional mirrors, even in poor weather conditions such as rain, mist, frost and bright sunlight. The light-sensitive camera also offers excellent visibility at night and is EMC-approved. With a better view, you can drive in comfort and maneuver easily in all traffic situations, thereby increasing safety for the driver, passengers and other road users.

Research: One in Two People Don't Know Where the Blind Spot Is

Research has shown that most accidents occur at the front right-hand side of the cab. Although trucks are fitted with a front mirror and a close-proximity mirror, which cover the area in front of and to the right of the cab respectively, there are still blind spots in this area. However, CornerEye can provide you with a simple means of viewing these blind spots in real time. This unique camera system replaces the front mirror and close-proximity mirror and offers an excellent view of the areas they cover and beyond with a single glance, increasing the safety of both drivers and cyclists.

Suitable for Every Type of Truck

CornerEye is suitable for almost all types of trucks where the cab is located above the engine. Universal brackets are available for the camera and monitor and can be fitted to virtually all relevant models. The type and height of the truck determine the location of the camera. To ensure that CornerEye is installed correctly, you can rely on the service provided by Stoneridge-Orlaco and its partners.

CornerEye meets the strict automotive requirements followed by Orlaco. All components have been produced according to the ISO/TS 16949 certification standard, are in line with CE marking and have been approved in accordance with the R10 EMC criteria.

High-Definition Camera System

CornerEye is a closed system and consists of a camera, an Orlaco cable and a 10" monitor complete with mountings. Each system is powered via the monitor; these cables must be connected to the power supply of the vehicle.

HMOS camera
CornerEye includes a HMOS camera. The shock-proof and vibration-resistant camera is waterproof (IP69K) and delivers a real-time image in HD quality. The camera sits in a bracket specially designed by Stoneridge-Orlaco for ease of installation in the truck.

GMSL cable
The GMSL cables—specially developed by Stoneridge-Orlaco—are ADR-approved, fitted with IP67 waterproof connectors and are resistant to oil and gasoline. These cables are only suitable for Orlaco 4-pin GMSL vision systems (HMOS and HLED).

10" HLED monitor
Stoneridge-Orlaco provides a 10-inch HD automotive HLED monitor for the CornerEye system. This monitor is only available as a built-on version. The built-on monitor is easy to attach using a universal bracket. The HLED monitor has two fixed cables: one GMSL video cable for connecting the HMOS camera and one power cable for the power supply.

Plug and Play: CornerEye is Easy to Install

CornerEye is made up of an HD camera, GMSL cable, and HD monitor. The camera is installed on the top corner of the passenger side of the cab. The cable is fed through the bodywork to the monitor in the cab. The monitor is fitted on a bracket and is positioned above the window on the passenger side or on the passenger-side A pillar of the dashboard. This depends on the type of truck and the applicable conditions for approval. Since CornerEye is quick and easy to install, the entire system can be fitted in just two hours.

If you want to have CornerEye installed on your truck, contact Stoneridge-Orlaco or search for a dealer in your area who can help.

Client case: Better visibility and increased Safety for SUEZ Trucks

Safety is paramount at SUEZ Netherlands. As Health & Safety Specialist for the company, Ralph Kerkhoff was involved in the decision to install CornerEye®, the blind spot camera from Orlaco. "We operate more than 850 trucks in a wide range of models. When we drive them through urban and residential areas and business parks, our top priorities are traffic safety and the safety of people and other road users. Our main focus is on preventing accidents, whatever the circumstances; from driving on the roads to maneuvering heavy vehicles in business parks. Although we have already made significant progress, the technology is constantly developing, so we need to keep pace. We are willing to do everything in our power to guarantee safety."

"Being able to see more without moving your head and being able to respond quicker means safer driving. Once drivers have used the camera monitor system for a few weeks, they don't want to be without it again."

Ralph Kerkhoff (Specialist Health & Safety SUEZ)

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