Camera Systems for emergency vehicles

Orlaco camera systems for emergency vehicles provide the ideal vision solution for all types of vehicle, offering increased safety. As emergency vehicles are designed to assist citizens who are in danger as efficiently and safely as possible, it is crucial for operators to have the best possible view of the situation. We develop high-quality, professional vision solutions for every situation, with the aim of increasing safety, efficiency and comfort.

Vision is our Mission®

In Orlaco's view, there should always be optimum vision around all aerial appliances, crash tenders, forest fire vehicles and rescue vehicles. Orlaco works closely with OEMs around the world to integrate camera monitor systems. In addition, Orlaco develops and manufactures standard and custom vision solutions specifically for the aftermarket.

Our camera monitor systems are developed and produced according to the highest quality standards. We comply with international automotive standards such as IATF 16949 and methods such as APQP/PPAP.

Our vision solutions

Discover our standard professional vision solutions below. For more information about standard and custom vision solutions, contact our specialists.

Mast View

It is often difficult—or sometimes impossible—to see emergency workers in the basket from the ground. With the mast camera, you will always have a view of the basket, even when it is obscured behind tall buildings or objects. This view ensures that emergency workers in the basket can coordinate more effectively and work more safely with those sitting in the cab.

Basket View

During firefighting or rescue operations, it is difficult to track the mast or ladder from the ground. An Orlaco Basket View system provides you with a clear picture of the situation at the top of the mast or ladder. This system ensures safe and efficient use of the aerial appliance or fire truck, and emergency workers on the ground and in the air will be able to collaborate more effectively than ever.

Runway View

When fighting fires in locations such as airports or forests, the heavy smoke and intensity of the fire make it impossible to pinpoint where exactly the source of the fire is and to determine the best way for the vehicle to approach it safely. A Runway camera system is the ideal solution to see through the smoke. Using a thermal imaging camera and zoom camera, you will be able to see your surroundings in detail, as well as viewing thermal images. Images can also be stored using an optional recorder so that the work can be analyzed at a later point.


Front and curb mirrors are no longer necessary. Get an excellent view of blind spots at the front and side of your trucks in real-time with our groundbreaking CornerEye digital HD camera monitor system. The system has a wide-angle lens that combined with the latest technologies delivers a field of vision of 270°. This will give you a good view of cyclists and pedestrians (class V and VI) and allow you to turn right in safety. As a result, you can maneuver efficiently and effortlessly through the busiest traffic situations.

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An innovative and intelligent camera system that replaces the side mirrors on trucks and improves visibility for the driver. MirrorEye features high-definition cameras with night vision and an automatic panning feature. In addition, MirrorEye saves you on fuel compared to a conventional truck with side mirrors.

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With an Orlaco rear view camera on your truck, you can gain a better view of the working area to the rear of the truck and drive more safely when reversing. The monitor in the cab switches automatically to the rear camera image when reverse gear is engaged. You can also set continuous or manual operation. In addition, the rear-view camera system can be fitted to any truck combination.

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With a rear-view camera combined with RadarEye on your truck, you can always reverse safely. This camera system is equipped with reversing sensors that warn you immediately about dangerous situations via sound signals and graphic overlays. The Orlaco RadarEye system can be enhanced with multiple sensors, for example to detect additional hazardous areas. In addition, this system can be used as a blind spot assistant to detect cyclists and pedestrians.

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Front view

Replace your front mirror with our front-view camera. This is a camera that perfectly visualizes the class VI area, so you can always see cyclists and pedestrians in time. With an Orlaco front-view camera on your truck, you can visualize blind spots and benefit from an optimum view of the area in front of the truck.

Side view

Turning off or changing lanes with a truck is a lot easier with an Orlaco side-view camera. The area immediately next to the truck or traffic approaching the truck is easy to see. With a side-view camera, the maneuver is a lot safer, more efficient and more comfortable, and road users and obstacles are clearly visible. This camera monitor system can be combined with front and rear-view systems to optimize the view further.


The Orlaco SurroundView system offers you a 360° overview around the truck without any delay. The software groups several images together to ensure that blind spots are visible. The images can be displayed in various layouts, which can be switched based on the direction indicators and/or vehicle speed. People and objects in the vicinity of the vehicle are therefore always shown in real time.

Custom Vision Solutions

In addition to the standard vision solutions described above, Orlaco camera monitor systems can be combined or modified in a variety of ways. For more information about our custom solutions, contact our specialists.