Delivering Improved Driver Vision and Blind Spot Elimination

Stoneridge-Orlaco’s innovative MirrorEye Camera Monitor System replaces the bus mirrors with integrated external digital cameras and monitors inside the cab of the bus. MirrorEye eliminates driver blind spots, provides a greater field of view and improves safety for everyone on the road during day and night.

Key Vision and Safety Features

  • Greater field of view around the vehicle, including common blind spots
  • Reduces drag coefficient, fuel consumption and related GHG emissions
  • Superior views in inclement weather with heated and hydrophobic-coated camera lenses
  • Distance markers for safer lane changes or Pantograph alignment on Electric Busses
  • High-definition, real-time images
  • Color night vision with low-light sensitivity

Advanced Vision Technology Ensures Optimal, Reliable Performance

The camera monitor system replaces traditional mirrors with high-definition (HD) cameras and interior displays. Common blind spots are eliminated with robust and dependable camera that provide two fields of view: normal rearview (Class II) and wide angle views (Class IV). By integrating an additional passenger-side Class V  camera in the same housing, potential turn collisions with other motorists, pedestrians, and physical obstacles such as light posts and curbs are prevented.

Better Safety Through Better Vision
The camera system pushes the limits of safety by covering a greater field of vision compared to the statutory mirror classes II and IV. MirrorEye significantly improves road safety by reducing blind spots, making the driver more aware of dangers around the vehicle, and providing enhanced vision in operating environments where it is difficult to see with traditional mirrors. With an excellent view on the road, bus drivers can drive in comfort and maneuver easily in all traffic situations.

FMCSA Exemption

MirrorEye is the first federally approved CMS that allows for complete removal of traditional mirrors in the United States, as exempted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This exemption allows the MirrorEye® Camera Monitor System to be installed as an alternative to conventional rear-view mirrors currently required on buses and coaches in the United States.

Augmented and enhanced vision quality

Equipped with hydrophobic coating and defrosting functions, the system enhances vision quality during adverse weather conditions eliminates issues related to rain, dirt and ice. An advanced image rendering system also blocks sunlight reflections, and superior infrared-enhanced color night vision improves the range of low-light performance ensuring optimal visibility at night. As a result, bus drivers have an optimal view of the surrounding night-time traffic compared to conventional mirrors. In addition, the system offers clear color vision, allowing for glare reduction, less eye strain and less fatigue for drivers.

Improved operating efficiency
MirrorEye's compact design and positioning on the body prevents damage to the vehicle and on road objects. In addition, the aerodynamic camera wings of MirrorEye provides improved fuel efficiency. by two to three percent per year. All of this contributes to a substantial reduction in the total cost of ownership.

Proven Technology

More than 3000 Commercial Vehicles have been retrofitted and running on MirrorEye system in the US and several commercial vehicle OEMs are prewiring the vehicles to offer flexibility to the customers for line fitment or retrofit.

In the European Union, several truck and bus manufacturers have adopted the MirrorEye camera monitor system. Buses with MirrorEye can be found in Spain (Barcelona and Madrid), the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Leiden, Den Bosch) United Kingdom (London, Belfast, Birmingham, Liverpool), Norway (Oslo), Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt, Bonn), Italy (Turin, Genoa, Milan) and France (Rouen, Bordeaux).

The award-winning MirrorEye® camera monitior system outperforms traditional mirrors in every driving scenario.

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Stoneridge-Orlaco is part of Stoneridge Inc. (NYSE: SRI) and market leader in the field of camera monitor systems for commercial and industrial vehicles. For more than 30 years we have been designing, developing and producing professional and certified vision solutions to increase road safety, improve ergonomics, create more comfort for drivers and provide for greater efficiency. Our camera systems are extremely robust, shock and vibration-resistant and can be used in the harshest of conditions. As a result, we are the preferred vendor for leading vehicle manufacturers around the world.

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