Digital Mid-Mast View: Improved Visibility Increases Efficiency

Stoneridge-Orlaco's Digital Mid-Mast View is an invaluable addition to modern warehouse operations. This advanced high definition camera monitor system not only provides enhanced visibility but also improves safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. By empowering operators with precision and confidence, Digital Mid-Mast View ensures seamless and productive material handling processes.

Improved visibility

Digital Mid-Mast View is designed specifically for forklifts and reach trucks and offers drivers with a crystal-clear view of the work area without requiring any drilling or welding on the forks. By installing a camera at the mid-point along the mast of the forklift, this system greatly enhances visibility and safety during lifting operations, particularly when the mast is partially or fully extended.

The greatly enhanced driver visibility empowers operators to effortlessly navigate through narrow spaces and maneuver forklifts with safety, effectively avoiding potential hazards and collisions. Moreover, the heightened visibility greatly enhances their precision in placing pallets and loads and reducing the time needed to complete tasks. By improving accuracy and minimizing errors, workflows become significantly smoother, leading to a notable increase in overall productivity while minimizing downtime, repairs, and related costs.

Digital quality

The digital version of Stoneride-Orlaco’s Mid-Mast provides superior image quality and clarity, allowing for better visibility and therefore accuracy. The razor-sharp images enable efficient barcode scanning through the monitor, allowing operators to scan barcodes from within the reach truck. This significantly enhancing both speed and safety. Additionally, Ethernet technology facilitates seamless integration of the Digital Mid-Mast View with other HMI’s.

Improved ergonomics
The ergonomically positioned monitor provides the driver with a natural line of sight while lifting goods, eliminating the need to look up at an unnatural angle. The HD monitor displays a razor-sharp image of the fork, ensuring a clear view for the driver and significantly reducing strain on their shoulder and neck muscles. By minimizing the risk of neck pain and injuries, the camera system also helps prevent long-term absenteeism.

Dynamic X-Coded Ethernet Cable

The Digital Mid-Mast View system incorporates an X-Coded (M12) Ethernet cable. This cable is specifically designed for dynamic applications involving constant bending or rolling, ensuring exceptional durability even under the most challenging conditions. It features EMC screening, which guarantees reliable performance by shielding against electromagnetic interference.

Moreover, the cable is resistant to oil and petrol, holds ADR approval, and is equipped with waterproof connectors that are molded to provide optimal protection against moisture.

Camera System

EMOS camera
The high-resolution digital EMOS camera is equipped with a 60° lens and is shock and vibration resistant, waterproof (IP67 & IP69K) and operates in temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +85ºC.

Dynamic X-Coded Cable
Stoneridge-Orlaco’s Dynamic 8-pins M12 X-coded Ethernet cable, featuring EMC screening, oil and petrol resistance, ADR approval, and equipped with waterproof, molded connectors.

Pulley and Spring Set
Stainless steel brackets and anodized aluminum pulley and spring set for pre-tensioning mast cable.

7" ELED Monitor
The high resolution 7" digital ELED built-on monitor is shock and vibration resistant and automatically adjusts the brightness of the image depending on the ambient light conditions.

Camera systems for Forklifts

In addition to the Digital Mid-Mast View, Stoneridge-Orlaco offers a comprehensive range of camera systems specifically designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of forklift trucks in diverse operational environments. These advanced camera solutions provide operators with unprecedented visibility, mitigating blind spots and significantly reducing the risk of accidents. Contact us now to explore our range of camera systems tailored to your specific needs and take the first step towards a safer and more productive workplace.

More information
Unleash the full potential of your forklift operations with Stoneridge-Orlaco's advanced camera solutions. Contact us for more information about the Digital Mid-Mast View camera monitor system or our wide range of camera systems designed for forklifts.

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