LoadView: Making Safer Lifting a Reality

The LoadView camera system gives crane operators an optimal view of the instructions from the rigger, the lifting hook, the load and the entire surrounding situation. Operators can lift and release the hook quickly and easily and with complete confidence, making the whole process safer and helping to keep the work on schedule.

Safer Work with LoadView

The LoadView camera is mounted on the end of the boom and hangs perpendicular to it underneath. This allows the camera to capture the crane hook, the load and the work area. The optional oil-lubricated bracket stops the camera from swaying and keeps it focused on the hook, giving the crane operator a stable image at all times. As a result, the operator can complete more lift operations within each shift and can respond immediately if a lifting operation is becoming.

No More Staring into the Distance

With LoadView, crane operators have an optimal view of the crane hook, the load and the work area. The good view means that work can be carried out more accurately, reducing stress levels for operators as a result. What's more, operators no longer need to stare into the distance or adopt unnatural physical positions in order to lift safely. The work becomes more ergonomic, which helps reduce neck and shoulder pain — so LoadView truly enhances operator comfort.

Zoom Function for Working at Significant Height

The LoadView system is a camera with 40x optical zoom and autofocus. Using a remote control or a foot pedal, crane operators can easily zoom in on the load, providing them with a better view of it. This allows operators to assess the situation more effectively, leading to safer work.

Operators No Longer Dependent on a Rigger

The rigger plays an important role when it comes to ensuring that lifting operations are carried out safely and effectively. The rigger supervises the lifting operation and is responsible for attaching the loads to the hook and monitoring them during lifting. Communication with the crane operator is key, as operators are often unable to see the load themselves. Lifting a load has potential to be dangerous if the load is not secured correctly or if communication with the crane operator is not effective. With LoadView, operators can see the hook, the load and the work area and are therefore no longer dependent on a rigger. This means that operators can respond proactively to unexpected events and prevent hazardous situations.


The load-view camera system can be linked to the monitor in the cab using a wired connection. LoadView is suitable for telescopic cranes, lattice cranes and harbor cranes as well as various other applications. The system comes complete with a heavy-duty cable reel to store the cable while the crane is being transported. It is mounted to the swing bracket on the crane mast.

LoadView Camera Monitor System

The LoadView camera system consists of a camera, a monitor and the associated cabling or wireless unit. Get in touch to find out more or use our configurator to create a customized system.

AF-Zoom camera
The AF-Zoom camera is shock and vibration resistant, filled with nitrogen and watertight (IP69K). The camera has 40x optical zoom and a heated lens, allowing it to work perfectly even in winter weather conditions. In addition, the camera has a 0 lux night vision mode and a built-in brightness function for improved view in dark situations.

Multi Cable
Orlaco has developed special multi cables to provide a wired solution. The EMC-protected multi cables are ADR approved, have cast watertight (IP67) connectors and are fuel and oil resistant.

7” or 12” RLED Monitor
Orlaco offers both 7" and 12" RLED monitors. The monitors are shock and vibration proof and automatically adjust the brightness of the image depending on the ambient light conditions.

Compatible Accessories
Orlaco provides a range of accessories for LoadView, such as compatible cable reels, cabling, battery packs, battery cables, charging systems, solar panels, connectors, switchers, control systems and video recorders.

Configure your camera system yourself

With our online configurator, you choose exactly what you need then request an immediate quote for your chosen system. Anything you could possibly choose in this configuration is appropriate and has been compiled by Orlaco on the basis of existing knowledge and experience.

Configure your own LoadView system