MirrorEye®: camera system for mirror replacement

Increase safety and reduce fuel consumption for your vehicle with MirrorEye. MirrorEye is a camera system that replaces mirrors on trucks and buses with integrated, digital, high-definition (HD) cameras and digital monitors. The camera system will increase safety, allowing you to drive in comfort and maneuver easily in all traffic conditions.

✔ Increase Safety

MirrorEye increases safety by covering a greater field of vision than mirror classes II, IV and V. With a better view, you can drive in comfort and maneuver easily in all traffic situations, thereby increasing safety for the driver, passengers and other road users.

✔ A Razor-Sharp Image at All Times

MirrorEye always provides a sharp and detailed image, even when faced with low sun, rain, snow and dust. The cameras adjust effortlessly between light and dark conditions in tunnels and also offer optimal visibility at night. And thanks to the quality of the night vision function, the driver has a better view of the surrounding night-time traffic compared to conventional mirrors.

✔ HD Images in Real Time

MirrorEye consists of two high-definition camera units that can be mounted using a vehicle-specific interface. The robust cameras are 50 G shock and vibration resistant, have the IP69K rating for dust and water resistance and can operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C. The real-time HD images from the cameras are displayed on two 12.3-inch monitors using a split screen.

✔ Save Costs

Thanks to the compact design, the positioning on the body and the enhanced vision, it is easier to avoid damage and improve fleet utilization. In addition, the compact and aerodynamic design means that you can save on fuel. All of this contributes to a substantial reduction in the total cost of ownership.

For Trucks and Buses

MirrorEye is suitable not only for trucks, but also for buses and coaches. The cameras, monitors and cables are exactly the same — only the exterior housing of the cameras is different. The housing of the bus version is more compact, since a bus is shorter and narrower than a truck with a trailer. To provide a truck driver with optimum visibility, the housing of the camera system for trucks protrudes slightly to provide excellent visibility along the length of the trailer. Furthermore, the truck version is equipped with a panning function. This allows the cameras to move automatically when the truck is turning or reversing, granting the driver better visibility when performing these maneuvers.