Digital GMSL

Stoneridge-Orlaco's GMSL solutions provide real-time, high-resolution video streaming for the challenging environments in which commercial and industrial vehicles operate. The high-resolution technology delivers a razor-sharp view of the area around your vehicle.

GMSL stands for Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link. With this technology, the video signal is transmitted digitally and compression free via a coaxial cable. Stoneridge-Orlaco GMSL cameras have 1280 x 800-pixel image sensors. Thanks to this higher resolution, the image is sharper than with an analog system.

Real Time

GMSL is viewed as the successor to analog technology. Providing gigabit connectivity and a high bandwidth, GMSL is suitable for transmitting digital HD video for vehicle applications. The video signal is not compressed before being transmitted, which means that there is no transmission delay. The image is displayed on the monitor in real time without any time lag. GMSL has a transmission range of 21 meters. If the distance between the camera and monitor is greater than this, GMSL is not the best solution.

Stand alone system

Stoneridge-Orlaco's GMSL systems cannot be integrated into third-party systems. This technology is used primarily for stand-alone digital real-time camera solutions, while Ethernet systems are used for smart applications and for integration in Ethernet networks and third-party HMIs.

GMSL systems transmit the digital video signal to the monitor one to one, which makes this type of camera monitor system ideal for reversing cameras and blind spot cameras, for instance.

Extensive Range

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