National Forklift Safety Day 13 June 2023

June 13, 2023 marks National Forklift Safety Day. Established in the United States in 2013 by the Industrial Truck Association (ITA), National Forklift Safety Day is a global initiative aimed at raising awareness of the safe use of forklifts and the importance of proper operator training. To increase forklift safety, Stoneridge-Orlaco is highlighting its vision solutions.

Digital ForkView
Digital ForkView gives drivers an optimum view of the fork, which can prevent accidents in warehouses and distribution centers. On their high-definition monitor, drivers can see the forks being accurately inserted into the pallet openings far above. This prevents goods or pallet racks being accidentally bumped and products falling or being damaged. The camera system reduces the risk of accidents and damage to forklifts or goods, thereby preventing a standstill.

Digital Mid-mast View
Optimal visibility is essential to ensure reach truck drivers perform at their best. Stoneridge-Orlaco’s Digital Mid-Mast View system provides the driver of a reach truck with a perfect and High Definition view of the forks. The system allows the driver to position the forks optimally as it provides a view of the forks after free lift of the fork carriage. This makes it possible for the driver to insert the forks in a single smooth movement into the pallet openings. By improving visibility, the camera monitor system will increase the speed of your material handling operations

Digital View-on-forks
With the View-on-forks system, the digital ELED camera is mounted on or under the fork carriage. This system gives the driver a clear view of the forks or other attachments, so that the truck can be positioned optimally. This allows goods to be picked up or put down correctly on the first attempt.

Digital RearView
A Digital RearView camera and monitor system gives you a perfect view of the picture unfolding behind your vehicle. With a better view you can reverse safely, easily and with confidence, and accidents can also be prevented. The Digital RearView system consists of a high-resolution camera and monitor that bring the situation in the area around the vehicle into even sharper focus.

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