Digital ForkView: Increase productivity with a digital camera for forklifts

Move goods in a smoother, faster and safer way with the Digital ForkView HD Camera System for forklifts. Stoneridge-Orlaco's robust and compact digital camera monitor system provides forklift or reach truck drivers a perfect view of the fork. This allows drivers to insert the forks into the pallet openings in one smooth movement, speeding up the warehouse process and increasing productivity.

Prevent products and loads from falling

Digital ForkView gives drivers an optimum view of the fork, which can prevent accidents in warehouses and distribution centers. On their high-definition monitor, drivers can see the forks being accurately inserted into the pallet openings far above. This prevents goods or pallet racks being accidentally bumped and products falling or being damaged. The camera system reduces the risk of accidents and damage to forklifts or goods, thereby preventing a standstill.

Improved ergonomics

The ergonomically positioned monitor gives the driver a natural line of sight when lifting goods. This means they no longer have to look up at an awkward angle. The razor-sharp image on the HD monitor gives the driver a clear view from the fork, relieving the strain on shoulder and neck muscles. This reduces the risk of neck pain and injuries and even prevents absenteeism in the long term.

Digital quality

Digital ForkView consists of a high resolution EMOS camera, an ELED high-definition monitor and a dynamic cable. The entire camera system is waterproof, shockproof and works in extreme temperatures (-40°C to +85°C). The camera sits inside a stainless steel case, protecting it from the heavy loads that are moved with forklifts. Digital ForkView is therefore suitable for use in extreme conditions, such as in warehouses, transhipment sites, construction sites and cold stores.

Moving more pallets and faster

A camera system makes the work easier for forklift drivers, especially when moving loads high above the ground. The system allows drivers to position the forks optimally, which enables them to pick up and move goods faster, more safely and with greater ease. As a result, Digital ForkView saves valuable time when moving goods, resulting in more pallet movements, a faster inflow and outflow of goods and therefore lower operational costs.

Digital ForkView camera monitor system

The Digital ForkView camera system consists of a camera, monitor and the relevant cabling. For more information, please contact us.

E-CFMC forklift camera

The E-CFMC camera is a heavy-duty digital rear-view camera mounted on the inside of the fork. This camera is used for Digital ForkView systems on reach trucks, side loaders and forklifts.

Dynamic digital Ethernet cable
The dynamic cable is suitable for feeding through the mast and cable reels. The shielded cables meet strict EMC requirements, are oil resistant and have molded waterproof connectors.

ELED Ethernet monitor

The High Definition ELED 7" heavy-duty digital monitor is used in conjunction with Orlaco Ethernet cameras. The mounted HD monitor is shock and vibration resistant and automatically adjusts the brightness of the image depending on the ambient light conditions. The system also performs optimally with large temperature changes, making Digital ForkView suitable for use in cold stores, for example. It is possible to add marker lines to each camera for optimal distance determination or positioning. All monitors are fitted with special clamp brackets.

HD camera on the fork

The Digital ForkView camera is mounted on the inside of the fork. Its shape and strong steel case protect the camera from any damage when loading or unloading pallets and goods. The 51-degree angle gives drivers a clear view of both the left-hand and right-hand side of the fork. The driver looks down along the forks and sees directly on the monitor how they are positioned, ensuring that they are inserted into the pallet openings correctly. Digital ForkView is suitable for reach trucks, side loaders and forklifts.

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