Orlaco 7 inch RLED monitor

The Orlaco 7 inch RLED monitor can be used in vision solutions for machines, vehicles and vessels with an Orlaco UNI vision system.

The monitor is shock and vibration-proof, automatically adjusts the brightness of the image to the ambient light, has a mirror-image correction and offers the ability to add mark lines per camera on the image for optimum assessment of the distance between the machine or the vehicle and any objects.

Technical specifications

Automotive 7 inch TFT-LCD module with LED backlight
Input voltage
12...60V/DC or 18...32V/DC (depending on type)
Orlaco 4-pins female (camera input)
Video multi cable, power multi cable
WVGA 800 x R.G.B. x 480 pixels
OSD Menu
Yes, 15 languages (EN, NL, DE, FR, IT, PL, ES, SV, CZ, HU, PT, TR, DA, FI, NO)
Protection class
Watertight IP67
Operating temperature
-40ºC to +85ºC
Vibration resistance
Aluminium & high impact automotive synthetic thermoplastic polymer
188 x 50 x 120 mm (excl. bracket)
1,2kg (excl. cables and bracket)



The Orlaco 7-inch RLED Monitor is available with various cable lengths, brackets (standard, heavy duty 132 mm or heavy duty 190 mm clamp bracket) and in versions that are suitable for cold stores (CS). If you would like additional information, download the technical documentation (pdf) or contact Orlaco.

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