Wireless Camera System for Crane Trucks Provides Optimum Vision of Lifting Operations

With its new wireless camera system, Stoneridge-Orlaco is making lifting with a crane truck safer and more efficient. The high-end, shock-resistant system provides the operator with a sharp, stable view of the winch, load, surroundings and the entire situation around the crane.

Loader cranes have developed rapidly over the past few years, with an increasing number of cranes being developed for special purposes. For example, heavy-duty loader cranes are usually equipped with a second articulated arm. This opens up a whole host of new possibilities for the cranes, with some being able to reach heights of up to 57 meters. These cranes can be used on construction sites to position profiles at great heights or to lift loads above roof height. However, this height means that the operator does not have a good view of the load — vision solutions therefore have crucial part to play in increasing safety and productivity.

Safe Lifting with a Loader Crane
The Stoneridge-Orlaco wireless camera system allows the operator to see the crane hook, load and work area using a tablet or display on the belly box. This allows the driver to operate the crane with greater precision, thus preventing damage and accidents. The wireless nature of the system gives the crane operator much more flexibility to move around the loading and unloading areas. Furthermore, there is no need for any complex cabling between the moving parts.

The camera system includes a compact EMOS Ethernet camera, two Ethernet Wireless Sender Receiver (WiSR) units and an optional tablet. The camera has a fully waterproof housing (IP67 & IP69K), HD picture quality and a live image display. The brand-new WiSR technology enables wireless digital video transfer via Wi-Fi. The receiver is installed near the cab, while the camera and transmitter are mounted at the end of the boom on the trolley. Positioning these components outside the range of moving parts prevents damage and vibrations, ensuring a long operating life while also providing excellent vision of the winch.

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