Wireless Camera Set Connects Any Truck to Any Trailer

Thanks to Orlaco, driving and maneuvering trucks with trailers and semi-trailers is much safer and easier. Orlaco's high-end wireless camera set, which comprises the new Ethernet Wireless Sender Receiver (WiSR) and an EMOS Ethernet Camera, lets truck drivers see their trailers via a tablet, anytime and anywhere — and even when changing to another trailer or semi-trailer.

As far as transport companies are concerned, safety is a top priority, whether this be the safety of humans, materials or cargo. That is why more and more of these companies are using trailer cameras. A trailer camera with a reversing view and side view increases safety when shunting, changing lanes, and turning, and can prevent countless accidents caused by blind spots — providing the camera and monitor are compatible. However, this functionality can no longer be guaranteed when it comes to changing to another trailer.

Functionality Guaranteed
Orlaco's solution guarantees the functionality of the camera, regardless of the combination of truck and trailer. This versatile solution comprises an EMOS Ethernet Camera and an Ethernet Wireless Sender Receiver (WiSR) that are fixed on the trailer, plus a tablet for inside the cab. The tablet means that there is no need to install monitors in the truck—thereby preventing damage to rental and lease trucks—and makes it quick and easy to transfer the system over when changing trucks, saving companies time and money.

Robust and Multi-Functional
The cameras and transceivers provided by Orlaco are compact, particularly shock-resistant, and can withstand extreme conditions. Orlaco offers a selection of EMOS Ethernet cameras with different aperture angles ranging from 30° to 180°. A unique feature of the cameras is that they feed images to the tablet virtually in real time (with ultra-low latency).

This unique solution is particularly suited to large transport companies with a sizeable fleet, as well as to transport companies that complete numerous journeys that involve changing trailers. For more information, please contact Orlaco.