The most sturdy HD IP cameras for vessels and cranes

Orlaco introduces the most sturdy HD IP cameras that can be used for maritime surveillance and construction cranes. The newcomers feature the highest achievable level of protection: IP69K. In other words, the cameras are particularly suitable for heavy duty and extreme weather conditions, such as on ships, quays, construction cranes and offshore.

Orlaco’s state-of-the-art network cameras support TCP/IP and enable streaming of high resolution video images via digital networks. As desired by shipping companies and owners, the cameras can also be connected to larger screens, which is not possible with analog cameras.

HD image quality
There are two options; a fixed camera with only a zoom function (type AF-Zoom HD-E) or cameras that can also turn (pan) and tilt besides zoom (type PTZ HD-E). Both types are available in an aluminium and stainless steel version. The cameras are set by default to 1280 x 720 pixels at 60 fps, full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 fps) is adjustable. A hinged infrared filter guarantees optimal vision under dark circumstances.

Easily integrated into network
The HD IP cameras can be connected to any location in the network and monitors (PCs) have access to all camera images through a single network cable. Assembly, configuration and expansion/adjustment are relatively easy and save assemblers time; this also applies to service & maintenance.

Complete and future proof
All Orlaco HD IP cameras include a user manual, documentation and Green Passport/IHM certificate.