Rear Corner View for buses

In city centers, proper vision around your bus or coach is vital due to increasing traffic. When making a sharp turn, the bus’s long tail can swing out dangerously. In this situation, the driver can no longer see the rear of the bus, which increases the risk of damage to the vehicle or its surroundings. That is why Orlaco provides a vision system designed for buses and coaches to eliminate blind spots on the rear.

View on tail swing
The rear of the bus is barely or not visible to the driver. Especially the rear of buses with 3 axes and an enclosing rear axis can swing out up to five feet. Traffic and objects behind the tail swing are invisible due to the obstructed view. Thanks to Rear Corner View, the entire rear of the vehicle and other traffic are depicted on screen, despite the tail swing. Prevent accidents, damage, and personal injury and drive safely with Rear Corner View.

Combination with side view
Rear Corner View is a system with three cameras on the rear of the bus; on the left, middle and right rear. Rear Corner View can be combined with a side view system. This camera is connected to the turn signals. When signaling a turn to the right, the right side of the split screen on the monitor switches to side view. The left part of the monitor shows the left rear corner. After 10 seconds the monitor automatically switches back to the full rear view. The side view provides the driver with view on cycling lanes, sidewalks, parallels and the area beside the road.

The four camera system is available with an Orlaco 7 inch double DIN built-in monitor. The system can also be connected to third party screens. Rear Corner View is applicable to all buses and coaches.

More information
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