MirrorEye Bus Camera Boosts Road Safety 4 October 2019

Narrow streets, numerous cyclists and pedestrians, and a whole load of cars. With all these factors to think about, a good view of the surrounding area is essential for any bus driver in a busy city when it comes to preventing accidents. Replacing conventional mirrors with MirrorEye improves the view of the area around a bus, which in turn increases the safety of the driver, the passengers and other road users.

Buses and coaches often need to drive through congested and busy cities, and have to contend with numerous cyclists and pedestrians. These conditions mean that there are often accidents involving buses and these vulnerable road users. Fitting a bus with a MirrorEye camera system for mirror replacement can help to prevent accidents. The system offers a larger field of vision than a conventional mirror, and this improved, extended view of the area around the bus makes it easier to drive and maneuver the bus in all manner of traffic situations.

A Better View with MirrorEye
MirrorEye shows the driver the entire side of the vehicle, including the blind spot. The field of vision covered by the camera system even goes beyond that provided by mirror classes II, IV and V, giving road safety a significant boost. And unlike conventional mirrors, MirrorEye always provides a razor-sharp and detailed image, even when faced with low sun, rain, snow and dust. The cameras adjust effortlessly to take account of the light and dark conditions in tunnels and also offer an optimum view at night.