Loadview system essential on telescopic cranes of crane owner Kuiphuis

‘The load is always visible, even when working behind a building’

Lifting construction material over a sixty meters tall building with a telescopic crane? An extra pair of eyes is indispensable in that situation, crane owner Kuiphuis knows this from experience.

The cranes of the century old family business can be found daily on construction sites in the East of the Netherlands. Bricks, walls, floors, concrete; Kuiphuis’s crane drivers make sure all materials get to the right place. It is a fast paced business; contractors want to lose as little time as possible, every minute counts.

Optimal vision on the hook and on the load
But safety is always more important than speed. Avoiding damage and accidents is the number one priority. Orlaco’s Load view system is essential for that, crane driver Wim Goorman says. With the system he can see the hook and the load directly. ,,On the monitor in the cabin I can see pedestrians and the position of my load. I can also see everything I need to when I have put the load on a roof or lift it over a building.”

Sharp image, even at dawn
Thanks to the camera images Goorman can work faster because he is no longer dependent on instructions through the radio. ,,It saves at least thirty minutes a day. The camera images are clear, even when zooming in, at dawn and when there is a strong wind”, Goorman says, who describes the controls as very easy. The crane driver can zoom in and out with two extra buttons on the joystick. ,,After working with it for half an hour, it already feels natural. It is a very reliable and user friendly system.”

Kuiphuis is pioneer when it comes to cranes with cameras
With 75 employees and six offices, Kuiphuis is one of the biggest crane owners in the Netherlands. The company owns a fleet consisting of telescopic cranes, city class cranes, multi cranes, telehandlers, crawler cranes and tower cranes. Some of these cranes have been equipped with cameras for about twenty years.

Load view system provides customers with more security
,,Years ago we had cameras that with black and white images”, technical services manager Rudie Arkink remembers. ,,We started using them because customers wanted more security than radios could offer. Thanks to the cameras we can work faster and more safely at heights and we prevent damages.”

Avoiding damage and accidents
When something goes wrong when operating a telescopic crane, the consequences are usually significant. When the load hits a building, the building is usually damaged and work is delayed. The damage often accumulates to tens of thousands of dollars. And that is even when there are no injured or trapped people. ,,Thankfully, that never happened to me. The camera certainly contributes to that”, driver Wim Goorman says.

Conscious choice for Dutch quality
Kuiphuis consciously picked Orlaco as Load view system supplier. ,,It’s a Dutch product, and you can’t miss that. All parts accommodate each other perfectly and the quality is excellent. An example? The housing is sturdy and can take a beating”, Arkink says, who installs the systems with his colleagues from the technical services department. ,,Installing the system is very easy and if anything is up we can count on Orlaco’s service department. We have also tested a camera from a different brand, but we went with Orlaco anyway. The quality of the system and images did not meet our expectations, and our expectations have become high thanks to Orlaco.’’