Innovation makes front and kerb mirrors redundant

Good news for truck manufacturers. Equipping trucks with mirrors is no longer necessary. Orlaco is the first company to receive RDW approval to deliver a camera/monitor system that replaces both mirrors for class V and VI (front and kerb mirror) : CornerEye®.

Orlaco wants to improve traffic safety and decrease the amount of damages with this innovation. CornerEye is the first system that makes mirrors redundant with its component approval. The RDW has tested the system according to the R46 guideline and has given its approval for application. This is a major gain for the entire transport industry.

Extremely wide view: beyond class V and VI
CornerEye excels with a High Definition quality camera and monitor. The camera with 270 degrees wide angle lens is mounted in the right front side of the cabin. The 10,1 inch monitor is mounted in the cabin on the passenger’s side and shows a real time image. The driver’s view goes beyond the mandatory fields of view (class V and class VI)!

Blind spots better under control
CornerEye has major advantages that are vital. Cameras provide better view and image quality than regular mirrors. Proper view and image quality are also guaranteed under unfavorable circumstances, such as rain, fog, snow, and bright sunlight. The light sensitive camera provides proper vision at night as well and is EMC-approved.

Installation support
Orlaco delivers CornerEye mostly to truck builders and dealers, but heavy machinery also benefits from this novelty thanks to the sturdy housing. In order to position the camera and monitor correctly, Orlaco supports at installation. This way, the innovation is within reach for any transport company.

Watch the video here!