Grow with Us as an Orlaco Preferred Partner

Do you want to sell, world-class camera-monitor systems in your region? Then seize the opportunity to become an Orlaco Preferred Partner.

Orlaco provides camera-monitor systems (standard and custom) for forklifts, trucks, buses, cranes and construction machinery to ensure that blind spots are visible. Worldwide, our products are helping to improve safety, efficiency and comfort. They have an excellent reputation and are known for their quality and reliability in all conditions.

Strengthen Your Market Position and Performance
As an Orlaco Preferred Partner, you will have the privilege of offering our vision solutions in your region. This will strengthen your market position and allow you to supply your customers with even more comprehensive products. An interesting business opportunity, that definitely will benefit your returns.

Take Advantage of Excellent Technical and Commercial Support
At Orlaco, we give our Preferred Partners all the tools they need to succeed. You will be part of our global partner network and will be able to rely on our support, including product information and marketing materials. We will also provide technical and commercial support.

Orlaco is looking for partners who are dedicated to quality, just like we are
Does your company have a strong reputation? Are you used to working with top-of-the-bill products? And do you have a strong service network offering excellent customer service? If so, Orlaco would like to get in touch with you to explore the possibility of a Preferred Partnership.