Full vision surrounding Reach stackers

Is it possible to work more efficiently and safely with a Reach stacker? Orlaco provides a system solution that shows all blind spots that surround this complex vehicle.

The system consists of a rearview, a top-view and a twistlock-view. With these vision solutions, the operator is able to maneuver easily, work more safely and save a significant amount of time.

Active rearview
Active rearview, RadarEye, consists of a camera with an active detection system. The sensors detect obstacles; this is indicated with colored zones on the monitor. The operator is also alerted about obstacles by a sound. This part is connected to the gear system. When going in reverse, the monitor automatically switches to rearview and sensors are activated.

For a ‘top’ view
When setting down a container, the container blocks the operator’s view. Our top-view system provides the operator with the required view in order to properly place containers, specifically in intermodal applications.

Twistlock view: excellent view at every turn
Swiftly and efficiently picking up a container becomes an easy task with adequate view on the twist locks. It is possible to save a significant amount of time thanks to this, especially when picking up a container at a high altitude, or from the 2nd or 3rd row.