Explosion proof cameras for the maritime and offshore industry

Are you looking for the perfect vision solution for explosion risk areas? Orlaco introduces new, Ex certified cameras and CCTV systems for the maritime and offshore industry. These camera systems enable you to work faster, more efficiently and more safely.

Great diversity in vision solutions

Orlaco offers a suitable explosion proof camera for every situation. Our explosion proof product line consists of the Compact, Zoom, Pan Tilt, Pan Tilt Zoom and Thermal Image Camera. These cameras enable you to view everything you need from a distance. They depict blind spots and details that you cannot see with the naked eye. Because of this, you can work faster, more efficiently and, most of all, more safely in dangerous areas.

Resistant to extreme circumstances

The explosion proof cameras can be installed in danger zones 1 & 2 and 21 & 22. The cameras are resistant to extreme temperatures (-40°C tot +75°C), fully IP68 watertight and do not require maintenance. Furthermore, these cameras are peerless when it comes to shock and vibration resistance. Naturally, this comes with the leading quality that you know us by. The cameras are manufactured according to the highest international quality standards at our headquarters in the Netherlands.

Expert advice about application possibilities

Orlaco’s explosion proof cameras are used extensively on vessels, cranes and drilling rigs. The cameras are also suitable for guarding critical processes in the chemical, oil and gas industry and for transport of dangerous substances. Would you like to find out what our complete solutions can offer to you? Please contact Orlaco’s International Sales Support team for expert advice.