CornerEye… Through the eyes of Bakker & Schilder and Gomes Noord-Holland

As one of the Netherlands’ first transport companies, Bakker & Schilder equipped its new trucks with CornerEye®. This vision solution, developed and manufactured by Orlaco, has been officially approved as front and kerb mirror replacement. The cameras field of vision exceeds class V and VI and therefore contributes to road safety.

“Our drivers are very satisfied”, Piet Bakker, CEO of the company from North-Holland, evaluates. “They are especially pleased with the fact that they can now maneuver more precisely. Every detail is depicted on the monitor. CornerEye provides optimal vision in the dark as well.”

Optimal vision during heavy traffic
That is not an unnecessary luxury when you make your way through the Netherlands’ busiest parts, like Bakker & Schilder do. When on their way to domestic retail customers, the drivers face complex traffic. Thanks to CornerEye, which has been assembled on the Mercedes-Benz Actros, they have a better overview. “Of course, you will never know what you’re preventing, but this system certainly contributes to safety”, Bakker says.

Merging is easier on international highways
The camera system is a welcome addition on international roads as well. For example, drivers in Belgium have to make room for mergers at queues. If they don’t, a fine could follow. “An extra pair of eyes on your blind spot is very convenient in a situation like that”, Bakker says. Besides that, the camera is less vulnerable than a mirror in the car wash, and the aerodynamic design contributes to fuel economy. ”We are very satisfied”, Bakker says.

Less damage leads to lower total cost of ownership
Bakker & Schilder’s new trucks were supplied by Gomes Noord-Holland. Account manager Bart Smit was the one who told them about Orlaco’s cameras. The reason? “Our trucks are clean, economical and the price per kilometer is much better than the competition’s. But we also want to be leading when it comes to safety. Most importantly, we want to decrease the risk for accidents. Besides that, the total cost of ownership of a truck is strongly influenced by the amount of damages. In other words, avoiding damage means profit.”

Premium label, attractive product gamma, fast delivery
Orlaco is one of the best when it comes to vision solutions, according to Smit. “Orlaco is an excellent partner for us. They are able to meet our customer’s wishes and demands and were able to deliver fast. Their product range is incredibly good. The camera is smartly positioned on the truck, is not sensitive to damages and does not negatively affect the truck’s appearance. Furthermore, Orlaco is a premium label, which perfectly suits Mercedes-Benz.”

Official approval for mirror replacement by RDW
Gomes Noord-Holland took care of the approval to replace the front mirror. “Don’t worry, that is no rocket science”, Smit says. “Our trucks meet all European requirements, and the same goes for CornerEye. All you have to do is demonstrate that the truck and CornerEye are properly combined. It’s slightly more work, but truck dealing is in our blood and we are driven to innovate. So we are pleased to do it.”

Global concern, local service and support
While assembling a camera monitor system on the Mercedes Actros, Gomes Warmerhuizen, the Gomes office that is fully focused on custom made trucks, was able to rely on Orlaco for service and support. “Despite the fact that you do business with a large, international company, mechanics and advisors were up close and personal.”