March 9 to 12, MODEX 2020, Atlanta (USA), Booth #6506

E-commerce is placing ever-greater pressure on order lead times in warehouses. Shorter and shorter package delivery times are needed. The fastest option is same-day delivery, which means customers can place an order in the afternoon for home delivery the very same evening. New systems designed to save valuable time and allow businesses to achieve the highest possible service levels are now increasingly common. Digital cameras play a central role in this area.

Until recently, it was primarily analog camera systems that were used to provide a view of the area around the forks of reach trucks. The image provided allows order picking to take place twice as quickly, leading to time and money savings. What's more, the improved view of the fork area makes order picking safer and reduces the risk of damage, accidents and downtime.

Digital transition
The advent of digital camera systems has created a host of new possibilities. For instance, the razor-sharp images generated by digital camera systems make it possible to read barcodes via the monitor. This means that operators can scan the barcode from inside the reach truck, which is both quicker and safer. In the near future, it may even be possible to use cameras to automate the scanning process. Another possibility will be to use cameras as a means of detecting people and objects, enhancing safety still further and making it possible to achieve the required level of service.

With digital cameras, it is also possible to 'stitch together' multiple images to create a 360-degree bird's-eye view, allowing operators to see the entire area around their vehicles at a glance. This bird's-eye view means that reach trucks no longer have even a single blind spot, and maneuvering down narrow aisles becomes a simple task.

The camera as an essential component
At Stoneridge-Orlaco, we are seeing the role of cameras shifting. Rather than accessories, they are now becoming essential components for increasing productivity and safety. We are also seeing a shift when it comes to reach truck sales, which are now increasingly focused on efficiency and safety considerations. Digital cameras are set to be an essential part of these changes.

Visit us at MODEX 2020
Stoneridge-Orlaco will be represented at MODEX 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) from March 9–12. Our team will be available to answer any questions and to discuss tailor-made solutions. Contact us to make an appointment or meet us at stand 6506.

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Products from Stonerdige-Orlaco at MODEX 2020

HMOS GMSL digital camera
The HMOS camera is a versatile real-time digital camera that can be mounted in different locations on the mast or fork carriage. These cameras are used for View-on-forks and Mid-mast view systems on reach trucks, side loaders or forklifts.

CFMC forklift camera
The CFMC camera is a heavy-duty camera made of special stainless steel and is mounted on the inside of the fork. This camera is used for Fork view systems on reach trucks and side loaders.

EMOS Ethernet camera
RTP/AVB EMOS Ethernet cameras are ideal for integration with onboard computer systems. The Ethernet technology used in the camera provides real-time images in HD quality. The cameras feature an M12 D-coded Ethernet connector and are suitable for connection to third-party monitors and HMIs.