Orlaco RadarEye Single SRD Set

The Orlaco Single RadarEye SRD Set is a shock and vibration proof active view system and is suitable for virtually all (heavy) machines and vehicles. Detection consists of a specified area that detects stationary as well as moving objects with a very small reaction delay of 50 ms. Detection is not influenced by snow, rain, mud, dust or temperature changes.

RadarEye offers extra safety and efficiency by combining a camera system with an active signaling system. This system gives the driver active warnings through an acoustic signal and a transparent visualization zone on the monitor. This helps him to prevent any damage from occurring. RadarEye can easily be expanded with several SRD sensors and cameras for vision and detection around vehicles or machinery.

Orlaco's RadarEye system offers an extensive range of possibilities and applications. In addition to this ready-made active rear view system, many other fittings, expansions and vision solutions are possible.

Please note: an Orlaco CAN SRD 7-inch or 12-inch monitor, a RadarEye M12 Interface primary cable (green), and an Interface box are always required for a RadarEye system.

Technical specifications

1x Short Range Detection (SRD) sensor, 24.000-24.250GHz
Maximum range
12x3m detection area, divided in 5 equally sized segments
Stainless steel adjustable bracket
Protection class
Watertight IP67
Operating temperature
-40ºC to +85ºC
SRD sensor, bracket, terminator and mounting hardware
Cables, Interface box, Camera and SRD monitor
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