Orlaco DVR-Multiview - H264 four channel video recorder

Heavy duty aluminium 4-channel video recorder; writes to a Secure Digital (SD) card with an automatic date/time stamp. The built-in software enables all camera images to be displayed on a single Orlaco monitor in many different ways. This enables you to see everything you want to at a glance.

The overall picture layout and the number of camera images that need displaying can be freely adjusted through a menu in the Orlaco monitor. In addition, you can program this layout into selectable video channels, which can then be automatically switched on when, for instance, you engage gears to go forward or backward, or use other commands. These channels can, of course, also be engaged manually or in sequence.

When starting the vehicle, all the monitor images are immediately separately recorded on a 128GB memory SD card. The recorded images can be opened on a PC video player (mkv). This digital video recorder with 4 camera inputs and 1 serial 7-pins video output can be used with Orlaco 4-pins (UNI) cameras.

Please note: you will need an Orlaco Serial 7-pin monitor. It may be possible, if the DVR-Multiview is pre-programmed, to connect it to an Orlaco 4-pin UNI monitor using an Orlaco adapter cable 7 pF > 4 pM (0304220). Please contact Orlaco for advice.

Technical specifications

Input voltage
Video input
4x camera inputs PAL/NTSC (Orlaco 4-pins M16)
Video output
1x Orlaco monitor output PAL/NTSC (Orlaco 7-pins M16)
Protection class
Operating temperature
-40ºC to +85ºC
200 x 170 x 91mm
128GB SD-Card and 3,85m 8-pins female power cable
128GB for max 72hrs recording
Automatic timestamp and video loop function
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