SideEye Blind Spot Information System for truck and trailer

SideEye is a camera and radar detection system that actively alerts a driver when cyclists, pedestrians or other road users are present in the blind spot of the truck. SideEye is therefore ideal for increasing the safety of vulnerable road users in urban environments.

Set A - Standard version
The standard version (Set A – 0403130) of the blind spot warning system consist of a combination of radar signals, audio signals and camera images. Furthermore, a monitor overlay indicates on the strategically placed 7” display that there is someone in the blind spot. SideEye provides visual and audible alerts for drivers as soon as other road users are detected in the truck’s detection zone on the passenger side.

Set B - Version for integration
As a turn assist system, SideEye (Set B – 0403150) can be easily retrofitted or integrated into a pre-existing monitor in the truck's cabin via a special adapter cable. Set B therefore doesn’t include a Stoneridge-Orlaco monitor. Stoneridge-Orlaco has special adapter cables for DAF, IVECO, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Volvo, MAN and Scania.

Set C - Version for Direct Vision Standard London
SideEye (Set C - 0403170) meets the requirements of the Direct Vision Standard in London (United Kingdom). This set is the same as Set A plus an additional speaker on the outside of the vehicle to warn vulnerable road users. The outside speaker can be turned on and off.