GMSL Corner view camera system (CornerEye HD 270º view) for truck with trailer

Having Orlaco's CornerEye system on your truck enables you to benefit from optimum 270º view to the front and right side of the truck.

Depending on the vehicle, the monitor can be mounted on the dashboard as well as on the cab's A-pillar.

In addition to the required minimum Class VI, Orlaco's CornerEye also provides a view of the mandatory Class V. Can I replace my front and kerb mirror with CornerEye? Yes, you can! CornerEye is the first camera/monitor system to receive a component approval.

A component approval indicates that CornerEye has been approved as a system to replace kerb and front mirrors. The system complies with United Nations regulation R46 on the installation of mirrors. Mirrors can only be replaced once all parts have a component approval and an installation approval has been awarded.