MirrorEye camera system makes bus & coach safer and more efficient

Manufacture your bus & coach with more safety and efficiency with MirrorEye camera system. The innovative camera monitoring system of Orlaco is an OEM-only product. Orlaco is a worldwide specialist in camera and monitor systems for commercial vehicles and specifically designed and developed MirrorEye for bus and coach.

The new solution provides a wider field of vision and reduces blind spots. Because of a more aerodynamic design fuel costs go down and the risk of damages is reduced. The R10, R46 & R118 approved system will be available shortly.

  • Bus & coach specific development
  • More safety and efficiency
  • R10, R46 & R118 approved

Bus & coach specific solution

With a team of experts Orlaco designed and developed this new and innovative vision solution specifically for bus & coach. The aerodynamic design of the camera housing fits perfectly to any bus or coach and is positioned close to the bodywork of the vehicle.

Better vision

MirrorEye covers a wider field of vision which exceeds vision classes II, IV and V. This will give a better overview while driving, which will increase safety for the bus driver, the passengers and the people around the bus or coach.

The MirrorEye camera that sees the class V area is integrated in the same unit as the cameras that sees the areas II and IV. This camera sees the situation without any distortion. The monitor inside the cabin will therefore display a realistic image.

The design of the high-definition digital cameras of MirrorEye ensures excellent visibility in all lighting and all weather conditions. The system provides optimal sight in the dark and during a low-hanging sun. It will also displays perfect vision in the rain and snow.

Reduced cost

Due to the compact and lightweight design MirrorEye has very good aerodynamics with low air resistance. The aerodynamics and lightweight design will reduce fuel consumption significantly. The compact design will also reduce the risk of damages. The reduced fuel consumption and reduced risk of damages will eventually reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.


The plug and play MirrorEye system consist out of two camera units, two displays, cables and an optional controller. The R118 approved cables connect the cameras to the monitors and the monitors to the CAN or optional controller. Please contact us for more technical information.

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