Get an excellent view of blind spots around trucks with the new revolutionary CornerEye camera monitor system — a unique vision system that combines the digital technology with an effective application solution. CornerEye covers a field of vision that more than satisfies the criteria of vision classes V and VI.

The system has a wide angle lens that combines with the latest technologies to deliver a field of vision of 270°. This is revolutionary in the truck industry, because this system makes every truck builder eligible for exemption from the pavement and front view mirror requirement, in accordance with mirror directive R46. CornerEye gives you a full and detailed picture of your surroundings, continuously and in real time! The HD camera shows every detail on the high-resolution HD monitor.

Increased Safety
Improve the safety of the driver and other road users. Reduce the level of damage and the number of accidents by getting an excellent view of blind spots. Add an extra pair of eyes that stay sharp in the dark and during bad weather, thanks to the high level of light sensitivity — even in the most extreme cold and volatile conditions. The camera is waterproof to IP69K standard and also shock and vibration-resistant.

Meets Automotive Requirements
The system has been specially designed for trucks and heavy machinery, and boasts a robust design that conforms to strict automotive requirements. It is produced in accordance with the approved quality standards ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 and in line with CE marking standards. It is also approved under the demanding R10 criteria. The system does not interfere with driver concentration and cannot be affected by electromagnetic fields. In developing this system, Orlaco is remaining true to its vision of providing excellent visibility in blind spots — and is setting new standards in the industry.

An Orlaco CornerEye system consists of a camera (input), a special camera bracket, a connecting cable (throughput) and a monitor (output). All CornerEye systems have 4 pins + coax (DigiCoax): with an Orlaco 4-pin DigiCoax HMOS camera, an Orlaco 4-pin DigiCoax cable and an HD Orlaco HLED monitor with a 4-pin DigiCoax video cable.

Each Orlaco HLED monitor has two fixed cables — one video cable to connect the HMOS camera and one power supply cable. Each system are powered by connecting the monitor to the vehicle's power supply using two power wires.

CornerEye camera
Orlaco uses an 180º HMOS camera for the CornerEye system. This Orlaco HMOS camera is attached to a bracket that has been especially designed by Orlaco and can be mounted on the vehicle. Because have to deal with different heights and types of trucks we recommend you to contact Orlaco for advice. Orlaco provides a mounting solution for any brand and type.

The DigiCoax cables are specially developed by Orlaco to a high level of quality. The 4-pins + coax cables can be used with any Orlaco 4-pins DigiCoax vision system and are available in various lengths.

Orlaco has a 10 inch HD automotive HLED monitor and are only available as built-on monitor. The built-on monitors are easy to secure using various multi-adjustable brackets on the dashboard, A-pillar or elsewhere in the cab.

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