CornerEye® - HD 270°-View blind spot camera for trucks

Get an excellent view of blind spots at the front and side of your trucks in real-time with the groundbreaking CornerEye digital HD camera/monitor system. CornerEye covers a field of vision of 270°, allowing you to maneuver efficiently and effortlessly through the busiest of traffic situations.

With CornerEye, you will have the best possible view of cyclists, pedestrians, obstacles, and other road users in the blind spots around your truck. CornerEye contributes to traffic safety, reduces accidents, injuries, and traffic jams, and lowers your Total Cost Of Ownership.

  • 270° HD field of vision with one camera
  • Blind corners optimally displayed in HD and real-time
  • Replaces front and kerb mirrors

What area does CornerEye display?

CornerEye displays the area to the front and side of a truck (mirror classes V and VI). A single camera amply covers mirror classes V and VI, which must be visible to the driver according to regulation R46 on the installation of mirrors.

CornerEye displays these mirror classes and even the area beyond. The camera's high sensitivity to light guarantees an optimum image in the dark and in poor weather conditions. In addition, CornerEye provides many more benefits thanks to the extensive field of vision:

  • Excellent view around corners at intersections
  • Excellent view of the complete passenger side of the truck
  • Obstacles, posts and ramps are visible
  • View of cyclists and pedestrians at traffic circles

Can I install CornerEye in any type of truck?

CornerEye is suitable for almost all types of trucks where the cab is located above the engine. A universal bracket is provided to install the camera and monitor. The type and height of the truck determine the location of the camera. The system can be fully installed within two hours. To ensure the correct installation of the CornerEye system, you can rely on the service provided by Orlaco and its partners.

The system has been designed for trucks and meets the strict automotive requirements followed by Orlaco. All components have been produced according to the ISO/TS 16949 certification standard, are in line with CE marking, and have been approved in accordance with the R10 EMC criteria.

Where is CornerEye installed?

CornerEye is made up of an HD camera, GMSL cable, and HD monitor. The camera is installed on the exterior corner of the passenger side of the cab. The cable is fed through the bodywork to the monitor in the cab. The monitor is fitted on a bracket above the window on the passenger side or on the passenger-side A pillar of the dashboard. This depends on the type of truck and the applicable conditions for approval.

What other camera add-ons can be used?

As a closed system, CornerEye can only be used as a mirror replacement. This is achieved by a SingleView HLED monitor that continuously provides the compulsory view of all legally required fields of vision.

In addition to mirror replacement, it can also be used as a surveillance system - you can rely on the camera images as well as the field of vision of the mirrors. For this application, the system can be enhanced with an extra HMOS camera to provide a rear view via a GMSL Switcher and a MultipleView HLED monitor.

Can I replace my front and kerb mirror with CornerEye?

Yes, you can! CornerEye is the first camera/monitor system to receive a component approval.

A component approval indicates that CornerEye has been approved as a system to replace kerb and front mirrors. The system complies with United Nations regulation R46 on the installation of mirrors.

Mirrors can only be replaced once all parts have a component approval and an installation approval has been awarded.

To receive installation approval, it is essential to position the camera and monitor correctly. Orlaco will provide the support you need for this.

What components make up the CornerEye system?

The CornerEye system is made up of an HMOS CornerEye camera set, an Orlaco GMSL cable, and a 10" HLED monitor with mountings. Each system is powered via the monitor; these cables must be connected to the power supply of the vehicle. ​The complete HMOS CornerEye set (0400040) is available with all these components.

HMOS CornerEye camera set
Orlaco uses a HMOS camera for the HMOS CornerEye camera set. This Orlaco HMOS camera sits in a bracket specially designed by Orlaco for ease of installation in the truck.

GMSL cables
The GMSL cables have been specially developed by Orlaco and have excellent properties. These cables are only suitable for Orlaco 4-pin GMSL vision systems (HMOS HLED).

10" HLED monitor
Orlaco provides a 10-inch HD automotive HLED monitor for the CornerEye system. This monitor is only available as a built-on version. The built-on monitor is easy to attach using a universal bracket. The HLED monitor has two fixed cables: one GMSL video cable for connecting the HMOS camera and one power cable for the power supply.

Are there already trucks on the road with the CornerEye system?

Since launching in 2016, a range of transport companies and truck dealers have installed CornerEye.

"Our drivers are very satisfied. They find it really handy that they can now maneuver more accurately. You can accurately see to the centimeter where you are. They even have an excellent view in the evening and at night thanks to CornerEye"

Piet Bakker — Director of transport company Bakker & Schilder