1. Front view for wheel loaders

    Front view for wheel loaders

    The bucket of wheel loaders and shovels in many situations, cause blind spots and the view to be limited from the operator’s cabin. This situation results in the driver working based on the view above, below, left or right of the body, in addition to the bucket that creates enormous blind spots. Blind spots Blind spots create dangerous situations around the vehicle. People standing in front of the body or passing by the vehicle, while the machine is still or in operation, the views are o...

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  2. Ethernet vision solutions; Flexible in vision and connectivity!

    Ethernet vision solutions; Flexible in vision and connectivity!

    In the market since 1989 we see vision systems evolving from accessories to critical safety components in the future. Shared data increases efficiency. We see a work environment where video data is shared between mobile machines and the office, in cab displays and smart devices, to boost productivity and increase safety. These vision solutions are implemented in any market from construction to logistics and lifting to agriculture. Integrate on a HMI in a construction or mining environmen...

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  3. See around Corners with Cross Traffic View

    See around Corners with Cross Traffic View

    When driving a tractor with a front-end attachment, turning or crossing roads can entail a certain degree of risk due to the limited view from the cab. With Orlaco's Cross Traffic View, you can do this more safely. The system provides a clear, real-time view of the left and right sides of the road ahead, allowing you to spot pedestrians, cyclists and cars in time. A View to the Left and Right Cross Traffic View consists of two FAMOS compact cameras that offer a view from the left and rig...

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  4. RadarEye now integrates on every monitor

    RadarEye now integrates on every monitor

    If workplace safety is an important issue for you, your fleet will no doubt be equipped with camera monitor systems. You can now make your machines even safer by integrating RadarEye on your monitor. This active detection system is now available for all existing Orlaco monitors and third-party monitors. RadarEye prevents collisions by actively warning you about objects and people around the machine. You therefore know what is happening in the vicinity of your vehicle and can work even more safel...

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  5. Gain an Optimum Overview with CCTV

    Gain an Optimum Overview with CCTV

    At sea, ships endure the harshest of conditions. Cold, heat, seawater, rain and salt push the ship and its crew to the limits. In situations like these, you want to be able to rely on the best vision systems to monitor hazardous areas — systems that are built to cope with the most demanding work and that increase safety, efficiency and comfort on board. Monitoring Hazardous Areas CCTV systems from Orlaco ensure that you can view all areas that you want to monitor. A captain, for example,...

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  6. Shell AirFlow Starship Uses MirrorEye for Fuel Economy

    Shell AirFlow Starship Uses MirrorEye for Fuel Economy

    MirrorEye provides impressive results in fuel economy, as demonstrated by the fact that the system has been selected for Shell's AirFlow Starship — the truck of the future. The AirFlow Starship is a combination of a truck and trailer, and was designed by Shell to be as fuel efficient as possible. The truck contains a wide range of gadgets that help save on fuel. For example, solar panels are installed on the roof, the design is highly streamlined to minimize resistance and there are even...

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  7. Vision Systems for Fire Department Aerial appliances

    Vision Systems for Fire Department Aerial appliances

    An aerial ladder platform is a complex vehicle that requires good visibility to ensure that firefighting work can be completed safely and flexibly. It is therefore important to visualize blind corners. Working Faster and More Efficiently When using an aerial ladder platform, it is essential to follow the operation closely from the ground. With an Orlaco AF-Zoom camera, firefighters can gain a proper overview of the operation and view individual details, both from the cage and from the ma...

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  8. Complete 360° overview in real time with SurroundView

    Complete 360° overview in real time with SurroundView

    Drivers of heavy machinery are faced with a number of blind spots around the vehicle that impede their view. Orlaco's SurroundView system gives drivers a complete 360° overview of the vehicle without any delays waiting for software to compile the images. As a result, Orlaco SurroundView helps improve safety, efficiency and comfort during work operations. SurroundView consists of four FAMOS compact cameras that provide views to the front, rear and sides of the machinery. The Orlaco MultiVi...

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  9. FAMOS IR LED Excellent day & night vision

    FAMOS IR LED Excellent day & night vision

    The FAMOS IR LED is a compact camera with night vision and is applicable to all types of vehicles, from trucks to heavy equipment. The FAMOS IR LED is available with 80° and 118° lens angles and offers excellent night vision under all circumstances. The FAMOS IR-LED cameras contain four strong infrared LEDs behind a UV permeable housing. Intelligent software on an advanced CMOS sensor automatically sets the right IR-LED activation to enable vision to up to 75 feet in the dark. Thanks to t...

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  10. Orlaco 170º Sideview on your side

    Orlaco 170º Sideview on your side

    In an urban area, maneuvering safely with a truck isn’t always easy. Orlaco’s 170º Sideview system offers a solution to make this process safer, more efficient and more comfortable. Combined with Front and Rearview, this vision system provides a view on all risky areas. Orlaco’s Sideview system consists of a FAMOS camera with 170°-lens that more than covers vision class V on a 7” monitor. The area on the side of the truck is completely visible. Pedestrians, cyclists and obstacles are clea...

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  11. Full vision surrounding Reach stackers

    Full vision surrounding Reach stackers

    Is it possible to work more efficiently and safely with a Reach stacker? Orlaco provides a system solution that shows all blind spots that surround this complex vehicle. The system consists of a rearview, a top-view and a twistlock-view. With these vision solutions, the operator is able to maneuver easily, work more safely and save a significant amount of time. Active rearview Active rearview, RadarEye, consists of a camera with an active detection system. The sensors detect obstacles...

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  12. Essential view on the load

    Essential view on the load

    Make hoisting a safer task with Orlaco’s Loadview set. This system provides you with essential view on the load hook and load. Proper view is important for every hoist job at any location. Besides working more safely, this system enables you to work significantly faster. Attaching and detaching the load is a simple task with a Loadview system. View on the load and surroundings is always sharp and clear with this set. The image remains sharp during even extreme weather conditions and when zo...

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  13. FAMOS: The best image for every situation

    FAMOS: The best image for every situation

    The FAMOS camera distinguishes itself by its versatility. This compact camera is applicable to all types of vehicles, from trucks to heavy equipment. The FAMOS is available in several lens angles and therefore offers a vision solution for every situation. Small camera – great versatility This compact camera is highly versatile on many levels. From applications, vision solutions to resistance to challenges. The FAMOS is available in the following lens angles; 170°, 129°, 118°, 102°, 80°, 60...

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  14. Save Time with a Forkview Camera System

    Save Time with a Forkview Camera System

    Enhance the efficiency and operating conditions of your reach truck straight away with a Forkview camera system from Orlaco. The super compact camera is specially designed to be mounted directly onto the forks. When used with our monitor, the camera provides a continuous view of the forks. Working at Heights Reach trucks allow the operator to store and retrieve pallets in high racks. The height of these racks restricts their visibility, making it difficult to see whether the forks are po...

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  15. Orlaco FAMOS camera in the ultimate challenge

    Orlaco FAMOS camera in the ultimate challenge

    The compact camera FAMOS can be used on all types of vehicles and is developed for the most extreme conditions. The watertight and shockproof housing guarantees perfect image under all circumstances. For that reason, Orlaco camera and monitor systems have been the solution for Dakar trucks for years. Built for the job Dakar is known for its extreme conditions. During the race on rough land, the trucks have to withstand impacts so powerful the wheels come off the ground. This requires mat...

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  16. MirrorEye makes mirrorless trucks possible

    MirrorEye makes mirrorless trucks possible

    Orlaco will introduce an intelligent camera system in 2017 to replace side mirrors on trucks and improve overall performance. MirrorEye's impressive features include night vision and an automated panning function. A crystal-clear view of all traffic in the vicinity MirrorEye consists of two High Definition (HD) cameras placed on either side of the cabin. The driver can view the camera images in real time on a split screen HD monitor in the window stile, providing him with an optimum view...

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  17. CornerEye HD 270º-VIEW camera system for trucks

    CornerEye HD 270º-VIEW camera system for trucks

    Get an excellent view of blind spots around trucks with the new revolutionary CornerEye camera monitor system — a unique vision system that combines the ultimate digital technology with an effective application solution. With an advanced HD monitor and a robust camera, Orlaco is offering a vision solution that pushes the boundaries. CornerEye covers a field of vision that more than satisfies the criteria of vision classes V and VI. More information>

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  18. View on tail swing of buses

    View on tail swing of buses

    In city centers, proper vision around your bus or coach is vital due to increasing traffic. When making a sharp turn, the bus’s long tail can swing out dangerously. In this situation, the driver can no longer see the rear of the bus, which increases the risk of damage to the vehicle or its surroundings. That is why Orlaco provides a vision system designed for buses and coaches to eliminate blind spots on the rear. More information...

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  19. Rear and sideview for excavators

    Rear and sideview for excavators

    The design of an excavator and the working position of the arm often cause significant limitation of the field of vision to the right and rear of the machine. A reversing camera and a side view camera on your excavator mean that you can be sure you will be able to reverse more safely, and you will have a better view on the right of the machine. In addition to connecting them to a robust Orlaco monitor, it is also possible to connect the cameras to a third-party onboard information display...

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  20. CornerEye sneak preview

    CornerEye sneak preview

    CornerEye: new Orlaco HD vision solution with wide angle This brand new vision solution includes a HD camera with a 180° angle and a specialized high resolution monitor. CornerEye provides truck and heavy machine drivers with a maximized overview of the situation, eliminating the blind spots of their vehicle or machine. CornerEye will be released soon!

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  21. Special reversing camera with guidelines

    Special reversing camera with guidelines

    Sturdy, compact reversing camera that is specially suitable for rear view of, for example trucks. The camera is equipped with integrated guidelines when reversing, fisheye correction and displays a mirror image as standard. In addition to being connected to an Orlaco monitor, this camera is highly suitable for connecting to almost any third-party onboard display/radio/navigation by means of a special adapter cable, provided that these have video input. The camera is shock and vibration-pr...

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  22. Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC)

    Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC)

    The Orlaco TIC Camera is a sturdy night vision camera. This camera can be used in serial vision solutions on vehicles and vessels. The camera is shock and vibration-proof, filled with nitrogen, 100% waterproof, has heated lens glass and provides the best possible image in all weather conditions. The camera has Uncooled LWIR Thermal Imager 324x256 VOx microbolometer technology and a 9Hz frame rate.

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  23. RadarEye for wheel loaders

    RadarEye for wheel loaders

    A reversing camera on your wheel loader allows you to be sure that you can reverse more safely, as this system has reversing sensors, actively warning you of imminent danger by means of audio signals and graphic overlays. The highly robust RadarEye sensors are specially designed for heavy machinery and sit in a special holder that can be adjusted to different positions. The scope of the detection zone can be set through the monitor software, so the operator only receives a signal when a s...

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  24. Orlaco opens North American headquarters in Georgia

    Orlaco opens North American headquarters in Georgia

    “We believe it's just the beginning of something great!” With these words, Nathan Deal, Governor of Georgia, officially opened the North American headquarters of Orlaco in Jasper, Georgia on Thursday, January 23, 2014. The opening marks the next step for this international manufacturer of camera solutions for Construction and heavy equipment to expand its reach throughout the United States. 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of Orlaco. A year where Orlaco has taken the next step to strengthen it...

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  25. Orlaco Surround view for Track loaders (remote controlled)

    Orlaco Surround view for Track loaders (remote controlled)

    Under Paris you can find a lot of tunnels where still today companies are digging gypsum (since 1870). This gypsum is mostly used to build Paris city buildings. Lots of tunnels are empty and must be filled to avoid future landslides. Ceilings are old and sometimes not safe so an operator in the cab of this loader crawler is a potential hazard. The only solution in this case is to control the machine through a remote control using cameras for the vision around the machine. After various safety te...

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