Tanks / Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV)

Orlaco develops camera monitor systems for all types of tracked and wheeled military vehicles. Orlaco cameras provide optimal view of the area surrounding your vehicle and will bring blind spots in sight.

Rear view
The rear view camera enables full vision on the area behind the vehicle. The monitor in the cab automatically switches over to rear camera when going in reverse, allowing you to reverse safely.

Rear IR Night view
In ‘Infrared blackout’ situations, Orlaco cameras AMOS IR LED will still give a perfect image. The camera has 850nm illumination functionality. The monitor displays the image in color during day and night, allowing you to reverse safely anytime.

Surround view
Blind spots belong to the past, thanks to surround view. Surround view offers 360° view around the vehicle. The environment will be projected in a display with quad mode. There is an option to switch to full screen view.

Surround IR night view
These actions also take place during the night where a similar awareness is necessary. Orlaco offers IR Night view, a combination of our MILMOS COTS cameras and the IR illumination.

More information
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