Reversing-front view camera system for truck with trailer

A rearview camera on your trailer and front view camera on your truck not only allow you to reverse and maneuver more safely, but you also benefit from improved visibility of the area just in front of the truck.

The monitor in the cab automatically switches to the camera imaging when you engage reverse gear. The camera can of course also be activated continuously or manually. Depending on the vehicle, the monitor can be integrated or surface-mounted. 

The front view camera displays the Class VI area perfectly, enabling you to see cyclists and pedestrians in time. Orlaco's front view system meets all the requirements of the EC*2003/97*2005/27 directive. The front camera may replace the front mirror if, among other things, it meets these requirements:

  • Mandatory front view at forward speeds of 0-10 km per hour
  • The Class VI field must be visible
  • The monitor and the camera must meet all technical requirements