LNG/LPG tanker

Orlaco develops explosion proof cameras for CCTV systems at LNG/LPG tankers. An Orlaco camera and monitor add value at every action on board. Whether you use the camera for viewing the load of a crane, a process, the drilling rig or for observation; a camera system enables the operator to have perfect view on all actions in the blink of an eye.

We have a fixed camera, zoom camera and Pan and Tilt zoom camera available. The operator can choose the ideal camera for every situation.

Mooring winch view

A compact camera aimed at the winch provides the operator with essential view on the winch in order to work safely.

Bridge wing view

A PTZ camera on the bridge depicts blind spots at the side of the tanker. Besides that it provides proper view on the tanker’s surroundings.

General overview

A PTZ camera or thermal imaging camera (TIC) on a tanker provides the operator with proper overview and enables the operator to zoom in on the tanker and its surroundings.

More information

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Soon, you will also be able to configure these vision systems yourself, here on our website.


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