Fishing vessel

Orlaco develops camera monitor systems for all types of fishing vessels. When the work on a fishing vessel is in full progress, the captain does not have a visual of all areas on board. A good view of the crew working with the nets is especially necessary. The installation of an Orlaco vision system allows the captain to concentrate on operating the ship, whilst providing him with a good overview, creating a safer working environment.

Bridge wing view

The Bridge wing view camera provides the operator with a view of the crew working on deck while they operate the nets.

Deck view

This camera provides the operator with a good view of all people working on deck. It can also be used to view the engine room and stowed equipment.

Winch view

With the Winchview camera, the operator can see if the cable is being wound onto the reel properly. It also makes it possible to detect damage to the cable in time.

Engine room view

Most of the time, the engine room is unmanned and there is no visual of this area. With the help of a camera, either with or without LED lighting, the operator can detect oil leakages or smoke formation, even before a warning is emitted by a detection system.

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