DEVS Basic camera system for crash tender

An Orlaco DEVS Basic camera system on your crash tender provides you with a thermal imaging camera for better visibility of the crisis during an air disaster, even in thick smoke. This vision system can easily be combined with a zoom camera and a recorder.

Fire fighting in the event of an air disaster is made more difficult due to limited accessibility and thick smoke. A thermal imaging camera on a pan and tilt unit on the crash tender allows you to maneuver more easily and analyze the crisis situation better.

Orlaco's powerful automotive monitors perform under the most severe conditions and are shock and vibration-proof.

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You can easily build your own vision system for your crash tender. With our online configurator, you choose exactly what you need and request an immediate quote for your chosen system. Orlaco puts everything together in this configuration based on current knowledge and experience.

DEVS Basic camera system for crash tender
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