Active reversing camera system for wheel loader

A rear view camera on your wheel loader allows you to reverse more safely. This system is fitted with reversing sensors. You are actively warned of imminent danger by means of audio signals and graphic overlays. This system is often combined with a forward motion camera which provides you with a visual of the bucket or other attachment.

The monitor in the cab automatically switches to the camera imaging when reverse gear is engaged. The camera can of course also be activated manually or continuously.

The highly robust RadarEye sensors are specially designed for heavy machinery and sit in a special holder that can be adjusted in different positions. The scope of the detection zone can be set through the monitor software, so the operator only receives a signal when a stationary or moving object is detected within this zone. You can enhance RadarEye with multiple sensors to detect in further hazardous areas.


You can build your own vision system for this machine. With our online configurator, you choose exactly what you need then request an immediate quote for your chosen system. Anything you could possibly choose in this configuration is appropriate and has been compiled by Orlaco on the basis of existing knowledge and experience.

Active reversing camera system for wheel loader
Camera (HE-active-rear)

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RadarEye set (HE-active-rear)

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Cable (HE-active-rear)

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RadarEye cable Interface-master SRD (HE-active-rear)

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RadarEye interface (HE-active-rear)

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