Digital SideEye for Buses: Blind Spot Information System increases safety 

The high resolution Digital SideEye system from Stoneridge-Orlaco increases road safety and driver comfort by actively monitoring a bus’s blind spot. This Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) actively alerts the driver when cyclists, pedestrians or other road users are present in the blind spot of the bus. Thanks to Digital SideEye, the driver is not only warned by visual and audible warnings but he can also observe the dangerous situation directly via the high-resolution camera on the in-cab HD display. Digital SideEye is therefore ideal to increase the safety of vulnerable road users in busy city streets or at a crowded bus stop.

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Visual and Acoustic Warnings for Bus Drivers

Digital SideEye is a turn assist system can be used in the United States and within Europe. Furthermore, Digital SideEye can also be adjusted to meet the Direct Vision Standard in the United Kingdom. The system actively provides visual and audible alerts for drivers as soon as other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists are detected in the bus's blind spot. Digital SideEye uses a combination of radar signals, high resolution camera images and a red warning symbol on the monitor. This allows the bus driver to always have a good view of the blind spot next to the bus. Furthermore, the driver is warned by an alarm sound as soon as a vulnerable road user is in the detection zone when he activates his turn-signal.

Enhanced Safety and Peace of Mind

Digital SideEye significantly reduces the risk of an accident. This Blind Spot Information System does not only provide drivers with a razor sharp view of the blind spot, it also uses radar detection to actively alert drivers when a road user is present in this critical zone. Digital SideEye therefore gives bus drivers the peace of mind of knowing that they can maneuver their bus more safely through the busy streets of a city.

Rely on two systems

Digital SideEye is able to work effectively in adverse weather conditions. As the system uses a combination of high definition camera images and radar signals, bus drivers can rely on two different electronic devices which provide the information they need. Being able to see the blind spot during day and night including allows bus drivers to execute their job with confidence and to maneuver with ease in any traffic scenario. This way the safety of drivers and other road users in the blind spot of the bus is being increased.

Accurate Detection in a Split Second

In addition to a digital high resolution EMOS camera, Digital SideEye includes a Short Range Radar unit. The radar unit is a small robust module mounted on the side of a truck. The sensor transmits 24-GHz radar signals at low power and receives the radio signals reflected by the objects. The signals received allow the radar unit to detect people and objects and determine whether they are moving. The radar unit is designed to process these radar detections within 300 ms. This allows drivers to respond immediately and to prevent accidents.


Camera and Radar Detection System

Digital SideEye consists of a digital EMOS camera, Short Range radar unit, 7" digital ELED monitor and the relevant cabling. Is your vehicle already equipped with a side view camera or Short Range radar unit? Please contact us for more information.

EMOS camera
The Digital SideEye system includes an high resolution digital EMOS camera with a 120° lens that captures a broad image. The shock- and vibration-resistant camera is waterproof (IP67 & IP69K) and offers the best possible images in all weather conditions. The camera sits in a bracket specially designed by Stoneridge-Orlaco for ease of installation on the truck.

Short Range radar unit
SideEye uses a single Short Range radar unit. The unit is shock and vibration resistant. It is waterproof and has a detection range of 3 meters by 12 meters.

Cable set
The Digital SideEye cables – specially developed by Stoneridge-Orlaco – are ADR-approved, fitted with molded waterproof connectors and are resistant to oil and gasoline. The set consists of a 4-pin Ethernet cable and a radar cable with an adapter cable.

Interface Box with External Speaker
The powerful speaker makes it possible to hear the acoustic detection signal in the cab of the vehicle.

7" ELED Monitor
The high resolution 7" digital ELED built-on monitor is shock and vibration resistant and automatically adjusts the brightness of the image depending on the ambient light conditions. The monitor can also show radar signals via an overlay. Adjustable bracket can be ordered separately (0401290).

Analog version of SideEye

In addition to a digital version of SideEye, an analog version is also available. Some buses are already equipped with a third party display. These systems are suitable to extend  the analog version of SideEye. The SRD interface box integrates radar alerts directly into the image on the existing monitor via visual overlays and acoustic signals. This process can be carried out using either an existing Stoneridge-Orlaco camera system or an own display. Adding detection overlays to the video images  enable drivers to work more safely, reliably and efficiently.

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Enhance safety with a camera monitor system from Stoneridge-Orlaco. Contact us for more information about the Blind Spot Information System Digital SideEye. 

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