Orlaco RadarEye cable M12 Green

The Orlaco RadarEye M12 Green cable is a 5-pin cable with unique features that has been specially developed by Orlaco. The cable can be used in all Orlaco RadarEye systems to connect the RadarEye Interface box to a Master SRD sensor or as a connecting cable between a Slave SRD sensor and a subsequent SRD sensor. The cables have EMC screening and are resistant to oil and petrol, are ADR approved and have waterproof, molded M12 connectors.

Technical specifications

M12 5-pins female - M12 5-pins male
Protection class
Watertight IP67
Operating temperature
-40ºC to +85ºC



This RadarEye M12 cable is available in various lengths. Do you want additional information? Download the technical documentation (pdf) or contact Orlaco.

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