Orlaco All Time Vision Camera (ATVC) set - Self cleaning camera

The AMOS ATVC set, is a camera set with a automatic cleaning installation. The camera has a self cleaning and rotating mode.

The camera is build in a glass tube which can rotate via an industrial stepping motor. Upon activation, water is sprayed onto the glass surface via a nozzle, the rotation is activated and the glass surface is cleaned via a build in wiper. The stepping motor is controlled via the i/o box (included in the set).

The I/O box is for the signals to the camera. Activation of the cleaning process can be done via the Camera-Activation signal from the Orlaco monitor (without switcher) or hard wired directly to the ATVC I/O box.

The ATVC I/O box is powered with a separate dedicated 24V/DC powersupply cable (included in the set) and not via the Orlaco monitor.

The ATVC I/O box supplies power to the Camera and the optional pump/watertank (3500810) with a special power supply cable (included in the set).

Technical specifications

Input voltage
12...24V/DC (via the i/o box)
Orlaco 7-pins male. via the i/o box, to 4-pins male
0,5m multi cable (from the camera)
Light sensitivity
Operating temperature
-40ºC to +85ºC
High impact automotive synthetic thermoplastic polymer
122,4 x 66,4 x 97,8mm
0,64kg (camera)
i/o Box and two power cables (for the i/o Box and pump)



The AMOS ATVC Camera set is available in various aperture angles (measured horizontally in degrees) and in PAL and NTSC (video format/standard). If you would like more information, download the technical documentation (pdf) or contact Orlaco.

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