Orlaco Camera Switcher

The Orlaco Camera Switcher provides camera input and supply voltage for three cameras on one Orlaco monitor.

The Orlaco Switcher enables up to three cameras to be connected to one Orlaco monitor. There is a switcher for an Orlaco UNI (4-pin) vision system and for an Orlaco serial (7-pin) vision system. The serial Orlaco Switcher can only be connected to a serial Orlaco monitor and has one camera input for a serial Orlaco camera (7-pin). The Orlaco UNI Switcher can be connected to any Orlaco 4-pin UNI monitor and has three UNI (4-pin) camera inputs. The cameras can be switched on the monitor automatically or manually.

It is even possible to connect four cameras by using an Orlaco 4Cam monitor or a separate Y-split cable combined with this switcher.

Technical specifications

Video input
3x camera inputs PAL/NTSC
Video output
1x Orlaco monitor output PAL/NTSC
Protection class
IP54 (0404040) / IP67 Watertight (0404061 & 0404080)
Operating temperature
-40ºC to +85ºC
0,12kg (0404040) / 0,18kg (0404061 & 0404080)
134 x 36,3 x 18 mm



This Orlaco Switcher is available for Orlaco 4-pin UNI vision systems (IP54 or IP67 waterproof) or for Orlaco 7-pin serial vision systems. If you would like more information, download the technical documentation (pdf) or contact Orlaco.

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