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  1. Full vision surrounding Reach stackers

    Full vision surrounding Reach stackers

    Is it possible to work more efficiently and safely with a Reach stacker? Orlaco provides a system solution that shows all blind spots that surround this complex vehicle. The system consists of a rearview, a top-view and a twistlock-view. With these vision solutions, the operator is able to maneuver easily, work more safely and save a significant amount of time. Active rearview Active rearview, RadarEye, consists of a camera with an active detection system. The sensors detect obstacles...

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  2. Save Time with a Forkview Camera System

    Save Time with a Forkview Camera System

    Enhance the efficiency and operating conditions of your reach truck straight away with a Forkview camera system from Orlaco. The super compact camera is specially designed to be mounted directly onto the forks. When used with our monitor, the camera provides a continuous view of the forks. Working at Heights Reach trucks allow the operator to store and retrieve pallets in high racks. The height of these racks restricts their visibility, making it difficult to see whether the forks are po...

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