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  1. See around Corners with Cross Traffic View

    See around Corners with Cross Traffic View

    When driving a tractor with a front-end attachment, turning or crossing roads can entail a certain degree of risk due to the limited view from the cab. With Orlaco's Cross Traffic View, you can do this more safely. The system provides a clear, real-time view of the left and right sides of the road ahead, allowing you to spot pedestrians, cyclists and cars in time. A View to the Left and Right Cross Traffic View consists of two FAMOS compact cameras that offer a view from the left and rig...

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  2. Complete 360° overview in real time with SurroundView

    Complete 360° overview in real time with SurroundView

    Drivers of heavy machinery are faced with a number of blind spots around the vehicle that impede their view. Orlaco's SurroundView system gives drivers a complete 360° overview of the vehicle without any delays waiting for software to compile the images. As a result, Orlaco SurroundView helps improve safety, efficiency and comfort during work operations. SurroundView consists of four FAMOS compact cameras that provide views to the front, rear and sides of the machinery. The Orlaco MultiVi...

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  3. Rear and sideview for excavators

    Rear and sideview for excavators

    The design of an excavator and the working position of the arm often cause significant limitation of the field of vision to the right and rear of the machine. A reversing camera and a side view camera on your excavator mean that you can be sure you will be able to reverse more safely, and you will have a better view on the right of the machine. In addition to connecting them to a robust Orlaco monitor, it is also possible to connect the cameras to a third-party onboard information display...

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  4. RadarEye for wheel loaders

    RadarEye for wheel loaders

    A reversing camera on your wheel loader allows you to be sure that you can reverse more safely, as this system has reversing sensors, actively warning you of imminent danger by means of audio signals and graphic overlays. The highly robust RadarEye sensors are specially designed for heavy machinery and sit in a special holder that can be adjusted to different positions. The scope of the detection zone can be set through the monitor software, so the operator only receives a signal when a s...

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  5. Orlaco Surround view for Track loaders (remote controlled)

    Orlaco Surround view for Track loaders (remote controlled)

    Under Paris you can find a lot of tunnels where still today companies are digging gypsum (since 1870). This gypsum is mostly used to build Paris city buildings. Lots of tunnels are empty and must be filled to avoid future landslides. Ceilings are old and sometimes not safe so an operator in the cab of this loader crawler is a potential hazard. The only solution in this case is to control the machine through a remote control using cameras for the vision around the machine. After various safety te...

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