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  1. Ethernet vision solutions; Flexible in vision and connectivity!

    Ethernet vision solutions; Flexible in vision and connectivity!

    In the market since 1989 we see vision systems evolving from accessories to critical safety components in the future. Shared data increases efficiency. We see a work environment where video data is shared between mobile machines and the office, in cab displays and smart devices, to boost productivity and increase safety. These vision solutions are implemented in any market from construction to logistics and lifting to agriculture. Integrate on a HMI in a construction or mining environmen...

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  2. Shell AirFlow Starship Uses MirrorEye for Fuel Economy

    Shell AirFlow Starship Uses MirrorEye for Fuel Economy

    MirrorEye provides impressive results in fuel economy, as demonstrated by the fact that the system has been selected for Shell's AirFlow Starship — the truck of the future. The AirFlow Starship is a combination of a truck and trailer, and was designed by Shell to be as fuel efficient as possible. The truck contains a wide range of gadgets that help save on fuel. For example, solar panels are installed on the roof, the design is highly streamlined to minimize resistance and there are even...

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  3. Orlaco 170º Sideview on your side

    Orlaco 170º Sideview on your side

    In an urban area, maneuvering safely with a truck isn’t always easy. Orlaco’s 170º Sideview system offers a solution to make this process safer, more efficient and more comfortable. Combined with Front and Rearview, this vision system provides a view on all risky areas. Orlaco’s Sideview system consists of a FAMOS camera with 170°-lens that more than covers vision class V on a 7” monitor. The area on the side of the truck is completely visible. Pedestrians, cyclists and obstacles are clea...

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  4. Orlaco FAMOS camera in the ultimate challenge

    Orlaco FAMOS camera in the ultimate challenge

    The compact camera FAMOS can be used on all types of vehicles and is developed for the most extreme conditions. The watertight and shockproof housing guarantees perfect image under all circumstances. For that reason, Orlaco camera and monitor systems have been the solution for Dakar trucks for years. Built for the job Dakar is known for its extreme conditions. During the race on rough land, the trucks have to withstand impacts so powerful the wheels come off the ground. This requires mat...

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  5. MirrorEye makes mirrorless trucks possible

    MirrorEye makes mirrorless trucks possible

    Orlaco will introduce an intelligent camera system in 2017 to replace side mirrors on trucks and improve overall performance. MirrorEye's impressive features include night vision and an automated panning function. A crystal-clear view of all traffic in the vicinity MirrorEye consists of two High Definition (HD) cameras placed on either side of the cabin. The driver can view the camera images in real time on a split screen HD monitor in the window stile, providing him with an optimum view...

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  6. View on tail swing of buses

    View on tail swing of buses

    In city centers, proper vision around your bus or coach is vital due to increasing traffic. When making a sharp turn, the bus’s long tail can swing out dangerously. In this situation, the driver can no longer see the rear of the bus, which increases the risk of damage to the vehicle or its surroundings. That is why Orlaco provides a vision system designed for buses and coaches to eliminate blind spots on the rear. More information...

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  7. Special reversing camera with guidelines

    Special reversing camera with guidelines

    Sturdy, compact reversing camera that is specially suitable for rear view of, for example trucks. The camera is equipped with integrated guidelines when reversing, fisheye correction and displays a mirror image as standard. In addition to being connected to an Orlaco monitor, this camera is highly suitable for connecting to almost any third-party onboard display/radio/navigation by means of a special adapter cable, provided that these have video input. The camera is shock and vibration-pr...

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  8. RadarEye for trucks

    RadarEye for trucks

    A reversing camera on your truck allows you to be sure that you can reverse more safely, as this system has reversing sensors, actively warning you of imminent danger by means of audio signals and graphic overlays. The highly robust RadarEye sensors are specially designed for heavy vehicles and sit in a special holder that can be adjusted to different positions. The scope of the detection zone can be set through the monitor software, so the operator only receives a signal when a stationar...

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