Stoneridge-Orlaco introduces Turn Assist System ‘SideEye’ for Buses

Stoneridge-Orlaco introduces SideEye for buses. This turn assist system actively alerts the driver when cyclists, pedestrians or other road users are present in the blind spot of the bus.

It’s hard for bus drivers to see everything around them, but the consequences of missing a pedestrian or cyclist could be disastrous. A bus driver has to pay attention to many things at the same time when turning to the right, especially in a busy city or at a crowded bus stop. Unfortunately, thousands of accidents still happen with buses every year, resulting in hundreds of severely wounded victims. To significantly reduce the risk of an accident and increases the safety of vulnerable road users, drivers need help eliminating blind spots and to prevent collisions before they happen.

Enhanced Safety and Peace of Mind
To increase road safety, Stoneridge-Orlaco introduces the blind-spot detection system SideEye. This system does not only provide drivers with a view of the blind spot, it also uses radar detection to actively alert drivers when a road user is present in this critical zone. SideEye therefore gives a bus driver the peace of mind of knowing that they can maneuver their bus through the busy streets of a city more safely.

Visual and Acoustic Warnings for Bus Drivers
SideEye is a certified Kraftfart-bundesamt (KBA) turn assist system. The system actively provides visual and audible alerts for drivers as soon as other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists are detected in the bus's blind spot. SideEye uses a combination of radar and audio signals as well as camera images. This allows the bus driver to have always a good view of the blind spot next to the bus. Furthermore, a monitor overlay indicates that there is someone in the relevant detection zone.

SideEye is even able to work effectively in adverse weather conditions. And because the system uses a combination of camera images and radar signals, drivers can rely on two different systems which provide the information they need. Having a view of the blind spot during day and night means that bus drivers can execute their job with confidence and can maneuver with ease in any traffic scenario. This way the safety of drivers and other road users in the blind spot of the bus is being increased.

Integrate SideEye into Existing Systems
The unique thing about SideEye is that it can be integrated into a pre-existing monitor in the bus driver’s cabin. This saves the expense of purchasing a monitor, the dashboard stays uncluttered and the driver can focus on just one monitor. Radar alerts are integrated into the picture on the existing monitor via visual overlays using an interface box. Adding detection overlays to the video images makes it possible for drivers to work safer, more reliable and more efficient.

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