Barneveld, 12th March 2019 - for immediate release

Promat 2019, 8 - 11 April Chicago, USA, Booth S4459 South hall

Stoneridge-Orlaco complements its digital product line for forklift applications, ranging from GMSL technology to smart Ethernet solutions.

New Real time digital 7” monitor

At the Promat 2019 Stoneridge-Orlaco will present a new 7” HLED monitor with a fresh new design to complement the current real time digital (GMSL) product range. Due to its more compact size, the 7” HLED is better suited for rearview solutions in reach trucks, counterbalance forklifts and other forklift applications. The new monitor is a complete new design compared to the current 10” HLED. Its full front glass coating and responsive capacitive keypad do not only give the monitor a much more modern look and feel, it also improves the overall environmental protection. The full glass cover makes the new monitor a lot stronger, easier to clean and watertight (IP69K). With an operational temperature of -40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C), the high environmental protection and compact size makes the 7” HLED monitor a perfect fit for the demanding environments in which it will be used.

With the 7” monitor, the real time digital product portfolio consists of heavy duty digital cameras (apertures varying from 30° to 180°), (dynamic) cables with waterproof molded connectors, a rugged switcher and monitors (7” and 10”).

Expanding the Ethernet product portfolio

At the same time Stoneridge-Orlaco will introduce a lot of new Ethernet products: like various types of cameras and monitors.

First launched in 2016, the EMOS camera (100BASE-TX) is now also available as EMOS BroadR-Reach Ethernet camera (100BASE-T1). Designed for rugged environments, the EMOS in both options is highly suitable for applications in extreme circumstances. Both EMOS Ethernet cameras are available in various apertures varying from 30° to 180°. Both are also available with IR filters (60° and 120° only), which makes them suitable for night vision solutions.

The all-new Ethernet ELED monitor has a full front glass coating and a responsive capacitive keypad. This means the monitor is dust and watertight (IP69K) and operational in temperatures from -40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C). The monitor will be available in two sizes (7” and 10”) and is suited for both Fast Ethernet as well as automotive (BroadR-Reach) EMOS cameras. The new Ethernet monitors have a direct input for radar without the need for an interface. This is an important feature especially for forklift applications, where proximity detection is of growing importance.

To complete the Ethernet portfolio Stoneridge-Orlaco will shortly introduce Ethernet-based smart cameras and ECUs focusing on human and object detection based on convolutional neural networks. The great advantage of these yet to come products is that they can be trained to classify images for any application. The main benefits for the user are improved warning systems which will improve job site safety and surrounding analysis for higher efficiency.

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About Stoneridge-Orlaco

Orlaco develops and produces high-quality camera monitor systems for a wide variety of vehicles and ships. The excellent view offered by their vision systems in all conditions can help machine operators work more efficiently, safely, and comfortably. The leading OEMs, their importers, and dealers throughout Europe supply and maintain the Orlaco systems.


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